Asteroid 174567, Varda, a Kuiper Belt Object, was discovered on June 21, 2003 by Jeffrey A. Larsen with the Spacewatch telescope at Kitt Peak Observatory near Sells, Arizona. It has a period of 311 years, 264 days.

It was named for a character from JRR Tolkien's mythology, Varda, queen of the Valar, creator of the stars, and principal goddess of the elves.

The meaning of Varda seems to be "be careful what you wish for"; (according to Phil Sedgwick) cooperative, receptive, able to negotiate, ability to remain strong in conviction while perceiving another’s point of view, relationship oriented, perception of shared resources in relationship, "my house is your house," ability to “get over oneself", or possibly selfish, intractable, uncooperative, unyielding, emotionally self- referential, self-serving.

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