20000 Varuna is a Kuiper Belt asteroid(orbiting beyond the orbit of Neptune), with a period of 284 years, 315 days. It was discovered at 10 Cancer 29 on 28 November 2000 at 9:51 a.m. MST at Kitt Peak Observatory near Sells, AZ by Robert S. McMillan, who named it for the Hindu god of the waters, who preceded the storm-god Indra as king of the gods. Once, Varuna ruled the sky as well, but after a great war between the Vedic gods and demons, the gods decided that each should be assigned a clearly defined sphere of influence to avoid future conflicts. Varuna got the waters of the earth to rule and Indra got the sky. Varuna sits with his wife Varuni on a throne of diamonds and the deities of the rivers, lakes, and springs of the world form his court. Varuna is the custodian of the various demons of the ocean. He is also associated with clouds and rain, and is credited with sustaining life by virtue of giving rain and crops. Varuna is often shown as a fair-skinned man who rides either a crocodile, or a monstrous fish named Makara which has an antelope's head and legs, or a chariot drawn by seven swans; he holds a serpent, a noose, a conch shell and a vessel of gems in each of his four hands. The noose is in one of his right hands. He is sometimes described as having a thousand eyes with which he oversees the whole world, or as encompassing the entire world. Varuna means "he who covers" in Sanskrit.

Varuna, Vedic god of the waters.

Keywords for asteroid Varuna, to me, include judgment, judgmentalism, inquisition, moralizing, justice, hugeness, grandness, grandiosity, bombast, pompousness, egotism, immortality, global, unforgettable, apocalyptic visions.

Aaron Spelling, prolific and highly influential TV producer who grew up in a house on Dallas' south side which was and is little more than a shack, had one of the largest houses in California and whose autobiography is titled A Prime-Time Life, often deals with sometimes unpleasant issues or tries to teach lessons in an entertaining way through his shows. He has Varuna conjunct Venus(art, beauty, money), the South Node(past experiences), and Heracles(striving to overcome); semisextile Black Moon(wildness, unpredictability); nonile the Sun(to shine); sextile Pallas(mental perception and creativity) and Don Quixote(unsuccessful attempts); quintile Mars(taking action, violence); square Juno(marriage), Pholus(ceremony or the lack of it, following one's bliss), and the Vertex(significant or idealized relationships); biquintile Neptune(motion pictures); quincunx the Part of Fortune(development); and contraparallel the Moon(the public).

Oprah Winfrey, who tries to use her show for the betterment of society, has Varuna semisquare Vesta; nonile Jupiter; squile Don Quixote; square the Sun, Venus, Pholus and Damocles(to be provocative, to challenge); biseptile Chiron; tredecile Pluto(to transform, to be powerful); trine Pallas, Chariklo(glamor) and the East Point(one's public image); biquintile the Moon(the public, women); opposite Saturn and Lilith(the marginalized, things hard to accept).

Anita Bryant, who's much more of a narrow, judgmental type, has Varuna conjunct Jupiter(religion), the South Node, and Hylonome(popular sentiment); semisextile Mercury(the media, thoughts); undecimal Venus(singing) and Uranus(going against the grain); square Chiron, Pholus(need to follow protocol) and Pandora(being surprised, making an impact); trine the East Point; quincunx Chariklo; and opposite North Node(applying past experiences to real life).

Designer Giorgio Armani has Varuna conjunct Hylonome and Lilith("not the right kind"), sextile Chiron, sextile/trine the North and South Nodes, square the Moon, the Vertex, and Pholus; trine Chariklo and the Part of Fortune, quincunx Neptune, opposite Jupiter and Vesta, and contraparallel Uranus.

Prince Andrew, who was born into one of the most prominent of the world's remaining royal families, Britain's House of Windsor, served as a military officer and is married to a woman who used to head a London public-relations firm, has Varuna sextile Mercury and Don Quixote; square Uranus, Damocles, Heracles and Lilith; tredecile Mars(the military); trine Saturn(conservatism, government, the Establishment) and Pallas; sesquiquadrate Jupiter(prosperity); and biquintile Juno.

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