Asteroid 33337, Vecernicek, was discovered on February 12, 1999 by Petr Pravec at Ondrejov, Czech Republic. Vecernicek has a period of 3 years, 160 days and is slightly under a mile in diameter.

Vecernicek is named after a popular Czech evening children's TV show, "Vecernicek" (Little Eveninger), created by artist Radek Pilar, director Vaclav Bedrich and composer Milan Kymlicka which premiered in 1968, during the communist era when the country was part of Czechoslovakia. It is made up of a series of cartoon shorts which present classic and original fairy tales as bedtime stories.

Asteroid Vecernicek, astrologically, seems to have to do with being treated like a child, schooled, being placed under a restriction or at a disadvantage.

The glyph for Vecernicek is mine.

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