Asteroid 12288, Verdun, was discovered on April 8, 1991 by Eric W. Elst at the European Southern Observatory on La Silla Mountain near Pedernales, Coquimbo, Chile. It has a period of 3 years, 101 days.

It was named for the city of Verdun, France.

A view of Verdun, France.

Astrologically, asteroid Verdun seems to indicate "blood on the floor," bad experiences, suffering.

Human-rights activist and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel (born September 30, 1928, in Sighetul Marmatiei, Romania) has Verdun square Mars (assertion, defense) and Pholus, trine Pallas (politics), and opposite Varuna and Asbolus.

Nazi-hunter, human-rights activist and Holocaust survivor Simon Wiesenthal has Verdun in the first house, on the Ascendant, semisextile Vesta (dedication), sextile Venus (values, indignation), square the Sun (to shine) and Deucalion (trying to wipe out, tough, mean), trine Huya (something missing, service to others) and Chaos (activism), and opposite Rhadamanthus (a judge).

George Takei (born April 20, 1939 in Los Angeles), who spent time during World War II in an Arkansas internment camp for Japanese-Americans which he later dedicated himself to restoring, has Verdun semisextile Hidalgo, sextile Juno (civil rights), square Neptune and Quaoar (something which had, and trine Phaethon (out of control) and Cruithne (to be marked, a brand name).

Clarence Brandley, who spent time on Texas' death row for a rape-murder he didn't commit, has Verdun square Phaethon (out of control), trine Pholus (need to show respect), quincunx Cruithne (marked), and opposite Chaos.

College football player Katie Hnida (born May 17, 1981 in Denver), who was demeaned and raped while at the University of Colorado and eventually moved to the University of New Mexico, has Verdun semisextile Pluto (criminal behavior) and Asbolus (awful experiences), sextile Nessus (predatory), and square Neptune (stymied, lied about), Bienor (condemnation, acting to nurture) and Okyrhoe (acting according to one's own inner voice).

Herbert Hoover (born August 10, 1874 in West Branch, Iowa), who found himself with more than he could handle when the US economy collapsed early in his presidency, had Verdun conjunct Rhadamanthus (up to somebody else), sextile Chiron (a stumbling block, a lesson to teach), trine Hylonome (the cry of the people), quincunx Phaethon, Lilith (something pushed aside, not easy to accept) and Ixion (creating something), and opposite Chariklo (need to keep perspective) and Elatus (powerful expression).

British au pair Louise Woodward (born February 25, 1978 at 3 a.m. in Elton, Cheshire, England), who almost did a long sentence in a Massachusetts prison after a baby she was taking care of died, has Verdun in the eleventh house, on the cusp, semisextile Hidalgo (to defend, to promote, to assert) and the Ascendant, trine Venus, Ixion and Heracles (to contend with), and quincunx Pandora (making a splash, having an impact). The case was a steppingstone to the Massachusetts attorney general's job for the man who prosecuted her case, Tom Reilly; her defense attorney, Barry Scheck, started The Innocence Project; Woodward herself became an lawyer—out of the spotlight.

The glyph for Verdun is mine.

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