Asteroid 2011 Veteraniya was discovered on August 30, 1970 by Russian astronomer Tamara M. Smirnova at Nauchnyj, Ukraine. It has a period of 3 years, 250 days and was named in honor of the Soviet Union's World War II veterans.

It may be difficult for Americans to understand the enormous devastation and suffered by the former Soviet republics during World War II, in which over 25 million Soviet citizens died and what is now Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and western Russia was trashed by the invading Germans and their allies, not to mention the bravery of the defenders of the Soviet Union in what Russians still call the Great Patriotic War. It dwarfs even the huge accomplishment of the American GI's in defeating Hitler, Tojo and Mussolini.

Astrologically, Veteraniya indicates broad experience, going through a lot, "been there, done that," losing one's innocence or naivete, jadedness, cynicism, growing up too fast, being a military veteran or concern with veterans' affairs.

Muhammad Ali, who famously refused to kowtow to whites during the 1960s, converted to Islam, rejected his "slave" birth name, and went to jail and was stripped of his heavyweight boxing title for refusing military service during the Vietnam War, has Veteraniya out of bounds, semisextile Uranus(rebellion, crying freedom); semisquare Bologna(scoffing) and Midas(making money); sextile NOT(emphatic rejection or denial); quintile Tezcatlipoca(taking without giving, criminal conduct); square Ask(to question), Memnon(getting in trouble by meddling, celebrating beginnings) and Ophelia(reacting out-of-proportion); trine Damocles(danger, threats, challenges, experience of pressure and groupthink) and Flora(the flower of something); sesquiquadrate Phaethon(out of control) and House(home life); quincunx Industria(busy); and parallel Pandora(making a splash, having an impact, unintended consequences) and Sassi.

Drew Barrymore, the latest generation in Hollywood of the legendary acting family, had a childhood and early adolescence marked by parental neglect and abuse and chemical dependence. She also has Veteraniya out of bounds, in the twelfth house, conjunct Varuna(hugeness, judgment); semisextile Hylonome(pathos, popularity); undecimal Aquilegia(victimization of the vulnerable) and Bologna; decile Saturn; semisquare Chiron(something to learn or teach); sextile Cupido(how things look); quintile Jupiter(prosperity(; trine Vesta(dedication), Bosque Alegre(doing what one considers fun), Tortali(expos`es), Thule(too good for something), Photographica, and Tantalus(frustration, giving to someone who doesn't deserve it, hunger for something); quincunx Descartes(using one's head); triseptile the Vertex(ideal relationships); opposite Wurm(contempt), Glo(celebrity), and Eurydike(losing something); opposite/conjunct the North and South Nodes(connections, dealing with past experiences); parallel Industria and Requiem; and contraparallel Atahualpa(no mercy) and Wil(determination).

Dan Rather, a veteran network journalist who is considered a prime example of liberal bias in the media by the right wing, has Veteraniya conjunct Lilith(having to accept what one doesn't like); semisextile Athanasia(immortal name) and Christabel(letting in something seen as evil); decile Jupiter(success, foreign travel, wide involvement and experience); nonile the Sun(to shine) and Pallas(politics, promoting and defending the values of civilization); sextile Summa(consummate achievement), Rhiannon(accusations), and Krok(exploded lies); biundecimal Pluto and Juno; square Thalia(life is a "gas"), Torricelli, Descartes, and Ask; trine Vesta and Antenor; quincunx Quetzalcoatl(the teacher, the flawed hero); quadnonagon Uranus(broadcasting, liberalism); and opposite Hylonome(the cry of the people, popular sentiment, popularity), Tortali, and Flammario(to inflame).

Maya Angelou, who survived poverty and childhood sexual abuse, has Veteraniya in the first house, sextile Sassi; trine Thetis(all too human); biquintile Jupiter; quincunx Sophia(rejected ideas); quadnonagon Part of Fortune(development, fortune); opposite Vesta; parallel Rhiannon; and contraparallel Mercury(writing, thought), Proserpina, and Eurydike.

Dennis Nilsen, a British army veteran turned serial killer who raped the men he murdered, slept with their corpses and flushed their body parts down the drain, had Veteraniya in the tenth house, semisextile Panacea(problem-solving); sextile Juno(the rage of the oppressed, relationships); biundecimal Jupiter(the law, foreign travel) and the Part of Fortune(development); square Venus(love, values) and the Vertex(ideal relationships); biseptile Pallas; tredecile the Sun; trine Ceres(dealing with letting go); quincunx Hidalgo(doing oneself service or honor) and Terpsichore(agility); parallel Mars(the military, violence), Don Quixote(foolish efforts), Ask(investigations), Armor(hardening oneself), and Volta(galvanized); and contraparallel Nietzsche(lawless behavior), Yeti(strange beliefs), Ariadne(betrayal), and Odysseus(craftiness).

The glyph for Veteraniya is my invention and was inspired by the Purple Heart medal the US Army gives to soldiers wounded in combat.

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