Asteroid 1097 Vicia was named for the vetch flower (vicia in Latin). Three people sighted it on three different dates in 1928. German astronomer Karl Reinmuth was the first to spot it at Heidelberg, Germany on August 11; then on August 15 P.F. Shajn saw it at Simeis, Ukraine; then on August 22 H.E. Wood saw it in Johannesburg, South Africa. Reinmuth, Shajn and Wood share the credit for this asteroid's discovery.

A vetch flower(Vicia in Latin).

Astrologically, Vicia seems to get its meaning from the word that its name suggests: vicious, which comes from the Latin word vitiosus, meaning "full of fault" or "corrupt." Although Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary does include definitions for "vicious" like "defective, faulty, invalid", and "impure, noxious", or "having the nature or quality of vice or immorality; depraved", the word is usually taken to mean the other definitions this dictionary lists: "dangerously aggressive; savage"; or, "marked by violence or ferocity; fierce"; or, "malicious; spiteful"; or, "worsened by internal causes that reciprocally augment each other" (as in "a vicious cycle" or "vicious circle.")


British child-murderer Ian Brady has Vicia in the twelfth house, tredecile the Moon(the public, emotions, women), quadnonagon Juno(relationships), trine the Sun(to shine), trine Mercury(the media), trine Venus(righteous indignation), sextile Mars(violence), square Jupiter(the law), conjunct Uranus(bizarreness, activism), sesquiquadrate Neptune(scandal, illusion), opposite Vesta(dedication), square Pallas(politics, the way one sees things, defense of civilization), quincunx/semisextile the North and South Nodes, parallel Phaethon(out of control), trine Lilith(the outsider), trine Chariklo(glamor, need to maintain perspective), square Vibilia(travel), parallel TARDIS(something slow to arrive), trine Tezcatlipoca(crime), square SURF(shallow knowledge), parallel Sassi(giving the finger to The System), square Madhatter, square Cosicosi(depraved indifference), opposite BAM(blown totally apart), trine Atahualpa(no mercy), and contraparallel Wurm(contemptible).

Brady's girlfriend and partner in crime Myra Hindley has Vicia in the first house, undecimal the Sun, parallel Mercury, conjunct Venus, sextile Mars, parallel Jupiter, square Neptune, sextile Vesta, semisquare the East Point(the way the world sees you), biseptile the Part of Fortune(unfoldment of the life), conjunct the Black Moon(wild, sterile), trine Tortali(dragged out into the light), conjunct Terpsichore(agility), conjunct Proserpina(having to go away someplace--like to prison), parallel Pavlov(knee-jerk responses), parallel Glo(celebrity), conjunct Descartes(thinking for oneself), trine BAM, square Athanasia(immortal name), opposite Atahualpa, and parallel Abanderada(activism).

Karen Silkwood, a nuclear worker and activist who was killed in a car crash while on her way to deliver damaging information about her employer to a reporter, had Vicia in the sixth house of work, quadraundecimal Pluto(radioactivity, plutonium and other radioactive substances, abuse of power, criminality), septile Vesta, square Pallas, square the Nodes, sextile the Vertex, triseptile the East Point, sextile Hidalgo, square Asbolus, trine Veteraniya(to have "had the course", to have been around), parallel Walpurga(speak of the devil), conjunct SURF(shallow attention), undecimal Nietzsche(lawlessness, to rise above the herd), parallel NOT(emphatic denial), sextile Midas(making money, fixated on profits), quincunx Krok(lies exploded), parallel Madhatter, trine Hammurabi(to throw the book at somebody), conjunct Descartes, contraparallel Christabel(letting something evil in), sextile Bosque Alegre(having fun, being carefree), semisextile Bologna(lies), square Athanasia(out of sign), and trine Antenor(to be seen as subversive). The company attempted to smear her before and following her death and may have intentionally contaminated her with plutonium.

Bill Clinton, who has a gift for driving his political enemies(many of whom are in the Religious Right) stark raving mad, has Vicia in the ninth house of law, religion and philosophy, semisextile the Moon, biundecimal the Sun(the presidency, leadership, to shine), trine Jupiter(the law, philosophy, foreigners, foreign travel), conjunct Uranus(liberalism), septile Pluto, trine Chiron, conjunct the North Node, opposite the South Node, sextile the Vertex, tredecile the East Point, parallel Vibilia(travel), conjunct Thalia(having fun), semisextile Tezcatlipoca(criminality), contraparallel Thetis(all too human), square Roachapproach(repulsiveness), square Proserpina, trine NOT, square Munchhausen(huge lies), trine Madhatter, quincunx Hammurabi, trine Krok, trine Glo, sextile Cuitlahuac(retirement), and undecimal Bandersnatch(unslain monsters).

The glyph for Vicia is my invention, suggesting the gaping, snarling mouth of a hostile predatory animal: a shark, maybe, or a piranha, or a poisonous snake, or an attack dog.

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