Asteroid 759, Vinifera, was discovered on August 26, 1913 by Franz Kaiser at Heidelberg, Germany. It has a period of 4 years, 86 days, and is slightly less than 33 and 2/3 miles in diameter.

Vinifera was named by Kaiser after the plant from which his ancestors made a living, Vitis vinifera, the grape plant or vine, which can bear table grapes meant for consumption fresh, or dried (which is to say, as raisins), or wine grapes meant to be rendered into wine.

Astrologically, Vinifera seems to be about alcoholic beverages, or being drunk (literally or figuratively, that is, drunk with power).

Winemaker Ernest Gallo (born March 18, 1909, in Jackson, California) had Vinifera semisquare Pallas (conceptualization) and trine/sextile the Nodal axis (connections, to take in and give out).

His brother and business partner Julio Gallo (born March 21, 1910, in Jackson, California) had Vinifera quincunx Jupiter (prosperity, expansion).

Baron Philippe de Rothschild (born April 13, 1902, in Paris), who started the Château de Rothschild winery in France, had Vinifera semisquare the South Node (taking in), sextile Mars (energy) and Pallas, quintile Mercury (ideas), square Juno (relating), sesquiquadrate the North Node (giving out), quincunx Vesta (dedication) and opposite Uranus (to break loose, to be independent). He may have been the first member of the Rothschilds, historically a banking family, to go into winemaking.

His daughter, Baroness Philippina de Rothschild (born November 22, 1935, in Paris) who now runs the winery, has Vinifera quincunx the Sun (to shine) and quindecile the North Node.

Brewer Joseph Coors (born November 12, 1917, in Golden, Colorado), a leading bankroller of American conservative politics, had Vinifera quintile Ceres (nurturance), quindecile Saturn (work, career, conservatism), parallel the Sun and contraparallel Pluto (corporations).

Bill Wilson co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous with Robert "Dr. Bob" Smith; both were alcoholics who successfully entered recovery. Bill Wilson had Vinifera tredecile Jupiter (religion, philosophy).

Robert Smith (born August 8, 1879, in Saint Johnsbury, Vermont) had Vinifera trine Venus (socialization). Wilson met him in Canton, Ohio; his desperate family had sent him to talk with Wilson in an attempt to get him to stop drinking.

Idi Amin

Adolf Hitler had Vinifera in the eighth house, conjunct Pluto and sextile the Midheaven.

Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu (born January 26, 1918, in Scornicesti, Romania) had Vinifera conjunct Juno (marriage) and quincunx Neptune (psychosis, illusion, delusion). He co-ruled with his wife Elena Ceausescu, and both ended up against the wall together.

Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe (born February 21, 1924, in Darwendale, Zimbabwe), a former revolutionary hero who stayed on much too long and became corrupted with power, has Vinifera trine Venus, biquintile Uranus (rebellion) and opposite Mercury.

George W. Bush has Vinifera in the third house of the media, sextile Mercury and Pluto and trine Ceres.

Tom DeLay has Vinifera sextile the Sun and trine Uranus (radicalism).

Kenneth Starr, yet another neocon drunk with power, has Vinifera in the ninth house of law, philosophy and religion, square the Ascendant.

The glyph for Vinifera, a botryoidal cluster of circles combined with a cross, is mine.

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