Asteroid 8208 Volta was discovered on February 28, 1995 by Italian astronomers Piero Sicoli and Pierangelo Ghezzi at the Sormano Astronomical Observatory in Sormano, Lombardy, Italy. Volta was named for Italian physicist Count Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta(1745-1827), known for his pioneering work with electricity; the terms volt, a unit of electrical pressure, and voltage are derived from his name.

Alessandro Volta.

Astrologically, Volta indicates to electrify, to be galvanized, to excite, to agitate, electricity, a call to arms. Volta's asteroid number, adding up to 9(8 + 2 + 0 + 8 = 18; 1 + 8 = 9), indicates a responsibility to use this "electricity" for noble purposes.

Bill Clinton, a highly charismatic politician, has Volta in the eleventh house of politics, conjunct the Sun(to shine, prominence, the chief), Don Quixote(to take on entrenched vested interests), and Hephaistos(the disabled); trinovem Saturn(career, hard work) and Hatshepsut(female power); semisextile Daedalus(creativity, cleverness, jealousy), Eurydike(success lost), and Panacea(problem-solving); decile Armor; sextile Juno(marriage, the disadvantaged), the Part of Fortune(development of the life), BAM(explosive), and Tantalus(just out of reach); biseptile the Black Moon(wildness); trine the Galactic Center(creative impact), Pallas(politics, defense of civilization), Heracles(to strive with, to overcome), Asbolus(advice taken, awful experiences), and Atahualpa(no surrender, brutal treatment); quincunx Hidalgo(promotion and defense of self and others) and Nietzsche(lawless behavior); parallel Odysseus(cleverness); and contraparallel Pholus(to be honored, or disrespected; ceremony) and Jabberwock(monsters slain).

Kurt Cobain had Volta on the Ascendant on the twelfth-house side, not only conjunct the Ascendant, but also Uranus(revolution, innovation), Pluto(to transform, mass movements), and the East Point(how the world sees you); biundecimal the Moon(the public, women, the wife), Neptune(music, drugs), and Vesta(dedication); septile the South Node(past conditioning); square Ceres(family, nurturance), Casanova(selfish or self-destructive pleasure, wide travel, broad experience), Hammurabi(harsh treatment), Jabberwock, and the Midheaven(career, reputation); trine Don Quixote, Armor, and Tithonus(rendered impotent); quincunx Heracles and Aesculapia(medical attention); quintundecimal the Sun and the Black Moon; opposite Mercury and Thalia(having fun, life is a joke); and parallel Phaethon(out of control) and Ariadne(betrayal).

Angus Young, guitarist for the veteran Australian heavy-metal band AC/DC, whose name(gotten off the back of Young's sister's sewing machine) refers to the band's "high voltage" sound, has Volta in the eleventh house of love received, conjunct Hektor(domineering); semisextile Neptune and Don Quixote; decile Perseverantia; septile Juno(the rage of the repressed) and the Midheaven; sesquidecile(54-degree aspect) Saturn; sextile Uranus and Solidarity(fan loyalty); biundecimal Jupiter and the Black Moon; square the Nodes, the Galactic Center, Vesta, Pallas, Dominiona(domination), and Tara(smooth sailing); trine Mars(aggression, young men), the Vertex(significant relationships), McAuliffe(a liability), Pittsburghia(serious business, inner depths), and Skepticus(mocking the System);quadnonagon the Part of Fortune; quindecile the Sun; and parallel Phaethon.

Theodore Bundy, a serial killer who was executed, by electrocution, in Florida, had Volta conjunct Cuitlahuac(having a stop put to something) and the Supergalactic Center(the center of the galaxy cluster of which our galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy, is a part); semioctile(22 degrees, 30 minutes) the Part of Fortune; semisextile Chiron(lessons taught and learned); undecimal Gorky(bitterness); nonile Jupiter; semisquare Chariklo(glamor) and Tara; septile Mercury; sextile the Sun, Child and the East Point;square Asbolus, Stentor(intense publicity), Jabberwock and the Solar Apex(the direction of the Sun's travel around the Galactic Center, signifying the future); biseptile Uranus(shattered efforts, electricity) and the Black Moon(wildness); trine Melpomene(tragedy) and Photographica(clear picture); quincunx Damocles(transgression, danger, threats); triseptile Hylonome(pathos, dealing with grief); quindecile Abanderada(on a crusade); opposite Ariadne and the Aries Point(fame); parallel Circe(helpful) and Sophia(rejected notions); and contraparallel Rhiannon(imprisonment, accusation).

Dolly Parton has Volta out of bounds in the eleventh house, quindecimal(15 degree aspect) Pluto; trinovem(27-degree aspect) the North Node(transcending past conditioning); decile the Moon; semisquare the East Point and Rockefellia(philanthropy);sextile Midas(making money), Robot(effortless or formulaic activity) and Utopia(the way things ought to be); quintile Neptune; square Jupiter, Chiron, Juno, Hylonome, Varuna, Perseverantia, Ramirez(invasion by evil), Minerva(accomplishment), and Astraea; trine Cruithne(one's roots, one's heritage) and Valentine(partnership); quincunx Walkure(one's defenders) and Diana(young women, holding oneself aloof); quadnovem(162-degree aspect) Ceres; quadnonagon the Vertex; opposite the Sun, Venus, Vesta, Pholus, Hidalgo and Quetzalcoatl(the teacher, the educator); and contraparallel Dembowska(overdrive).

Jackie Kennedy Onassis, one of the most beloved and charismatic First Ladies America has had, had Volta in the eighth house, conjunct Pluto and Sootiyo; vigintile(18-degree aspect) the Vertex; semisextile Circe and Thetis(bad things happen to everyone); undecimal Thalia(life is a blast); decile the Midheaven; nonile Jupiter; semisquare Ceres; sextile Heracles and the North Node; square Asbolus, Atahualpa, Child, and Hammurabi; trine the Ascendant, the South Node, Antenor(to be seen as deserting one's country), Cupido(culture, appearance), Memnon(under the microscope), and Tantalus; sesquiquadrate the East Point; quincunx Damocles(drastic change) and Hybris(hubris); opposite Lilith(having to resign oneself to something);and parallel Aesculapia(doctors), Athanasia(immortal name), and Madhatter(a crazy life, crazy people[like Lee Harvey Oswald]).

The glyph for Volta, suggesting a lightning bolt, is my own conception.

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