Asteroid 12861, Wacker, was discovered on May 22, 1998 by the LINEAR at Socorro, New Mexico. Wacker has a period of 4 years, 48 days.

It is named for David Hubbell Wacker (born 1987), a student at William J. Palmer High School in Colorado Springs who was a finalist in the 2002 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for his computer science project.

Astrologically, Wacker seems to have to do with sexual issues. There is the possibility that it may also have something to do with punishment or homicide, and it has also been said that Wacker has to do with eccentricity.

David Koresh, a cult leader accused of sexual misconduct who infamously led his followers to a splashy internationally televised suicide by burning themselves up in their compound near Waco in 1993, had Wacker in the eleventh house of love received and politics, sextile Heracles (powerful, posthumously exalted), quintile Pallas (politics), trine Cruithne (a brand name), and opposite the Moon (the public). Some insist, despite evidence uncovered by numerous investigations, that he and his dead followers were innocents persecuted by the government.

Heaven's Gate cult leader Marshall Applewhite, who led his followers to suicide in a Rancho Santa Fe, California mansion they shared in 1998, had Wacker in the sixth house of health and service to others, undecimal Chiron (the teacher, the maverick), trine Pholus (folly), sesquiquadrate Saturn (discipline, sedatives) and Vesta (dedication), and opposite Chaos.

Michael Jackson, a musical superstar who beginning in the 1990s became known more for sex scandals, bizarre behavior, and a face modified by plastic surgery almost to the point of disintegration, has Wacker semisextile Elatus (eloquent expression) and the South Node, sextile Chaos and Dioretsa, square Juno (relationships, marriage), trine Pholus (need to show respect) and Damocles (transgressive, politics), sesquiquadrate North Node, biquintile Neptune (bizarre, scandalous), parallel Vesta (dedication, commitment), and contraparallel Saturn (work, career, consequences).

Florida serial killer Aileen Wuornos had Wacker decile Vesta, square Pandora (stirring things up, unintended consequences, having an impact, making a splash), quincunx Ceres (family issues, nurture), and opposite Chaos.

John Hinckley, who in 1981 tried to kill President Ronald Reagan as part of a deranged plan to impress Jodie Foster, with whom he was infatuated, has Wacker in the sixth house of health, conjunct Vesta (dedication), sextile Nessus (trying to grab what you're not supposed to, predatory) and Phaethon (out of control), and opposite Ixion (creating karma).

Al Capone had Wacker conjunct Uranus (exciting, antisocial), semisquare Pallas (politics) and quindecile Neptune (alcohol, scandal).

Karla Faye Tucker (born November 18, 1959), who was executed by the state of Texas amid an international outcry for a double hatchet murder committed while she was high on drugs, had Wacker tredecile Saturn (consequences) and trine Varuna (grown huge, judgment).

Sex-scandal-prone evangelist Jimmy Swaggart has Wacker in the eighth house, trine the Ascendant (personal interests), sesquiquadrate the East Point (as the world sees you) and opposite Mercury (the media).

Former Colorado senator Gary Hart, whose presidential ambitions were torpedoed as a result of a 1988 sex scandal involving an extramarital affair with a model and a yacht called Monkey Business, has Wacker in the ninth house, on the Midheaven, conjunct it, sextile Elatus (an image worth a thousand words), square the Vertex (significant relationships), trine Uranus (disruption), tredecile Neptune (scandal, yachts), quindecile Chiron (a stumbling block, self-wounding), and contraparallel Pluto (self-destruction, carrying baggage).

John F. Kennedy, an assassinated president whose legend has been ventilated by reports of numerous extramarital affairs in and out of the White House, had Wacker in the eighth house of sex, legacies and public property, undecimal Dioretsa, decile Pluto (sex, digging, criminal behavior), semisquare the South Node (past influences, the path of least resistance), sextile Saturn, Vesta and Don Quixote (going up against reality), trine Asbolus (foolishness, advice not taken) and sesquiquadrate the North Node (connections made).

The glyph for Wacker is mine.

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