Asteroid 256 Walpurga was discovered on April 3, 1886 by Johann Palisa at Vienna, Austria. He named it for Saint Walpurga, an English princess of the eighth century. It has a period of 5 years, 71 days and is about 47 1/5 miles in diameter.

St. Walpurga.

On St. Walpurga's feast day, May 1, according to medieval legend, Witches ride on broomsticks to "the ancient place of sacrifice to revel with Satan." One of the best known such places was said to be Brocken, in the Harz Mountains of central Germany. May Day and Saint Walpurgis Night(the night of April 30-May 1) does have occult significance dating from ancient times. Walpurga is Old English for "strong protection."

Although not all Witches, Wiccans or witchcraft are evil, nor even most, of course, the asteroid Walpurga does seem to get its astrological significance from the old superstitious dark view of witches, evil, terrifying, corrupt people and things; monsters, bogeymen, bÍte noires, things and people that are anathematized.

Robert Englund, who played the extremely-hard-to-kill child-murderer Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare On Elm Street horror movies, has Walpurga in the second house, conjunct Mercury, Vicia(viciousness), and Wurm(contemptibleness); undecimal Vesta and Phaethon(a phenomenon); square Neptune(the movies) and Flammario(setting the world on fire); trine Chiron, Munchhausen(eye-popping spectacles, huge lies, major legends), Hidalgo(putting oneself forward), and the Vertex(significant relationships, like the actor-producer one); biquintile North Node(applying past experience to useful purposes); opposite Glo(celebrity) and Part of Fortune.

Jeffrey Dahmer, a real-life monster, had Walpurga conjunct Damocles(danger, crisis, being a threat, being a challenge) and Pholus(following one's heart); semisextile Vesta(to commit to something) and Lilith(the outsider, the oppressed, the enraged, the mad); semisquare Jupiter(the law); septile Mars(violence, weapons, acids) and Juno(the rage of the underdog); sextile Wurm(contemptibility); square Varuna(judgment, hugeness), Torricelli(trouble), and Rhiannon(escape); triundecimal Neptune(delusion, fantasy); trine Pandora(major impact); sesquiquadrate Black Moon(wildness); quintundecimal Pluto(criminals, death, deep-seated psychological problems, need for power, society's garbage); opposite Uranus(being gay) and TARDIS(delayed things, like retribution); parallel Bologna(lying) and Athanasia(immortality); and contraparallel Quetzalcoatl(sexual crimes).

Divine(Glenn Milstead), a cross-dressing actor who starred in such films as Pink Flamingos and Lust In The Dust, weighed over 300 pounds and eventually died fairly young of heart failure, had Walpurga undecimal Nabokov(forbidden pleasure); sextile Pavlov(conditioned behavior or reactions); square Asbolus(dark creativity), Konstitutsiya(basic principles), and Cuitlahuac(serious or fatal health issues); trine Mars, Saturn, and East Point; sesquiquadrate Black Moon; parallel Rhiannon(accusations), and contraparallel Thule(pride and prejudice).

Nancy Kerrigan, accomplished figure skater who will be linked forever in reputation to her disreputable rival Tonya Harding, whose ex-husband masterminded an unsuccessful attempt to disable Kerrigan and knock her out of the 1994 Winter Olympics by whacking her on the knee with a metal pipe, has Walpurga in the 7th house of rivals and open enemies, semisextile Mercury and Hidalgo; undecimal Vertex; sextile Pallas, Thetis(physical injuries and limitations), Christabel(letting in something evil), Casanova(selfish pleasure), and Atahualpa(ruthlessness); quintile Mars; square Ceres(family), Asbolus(bad experiences), Summa(at a pinnacle), and Krok(falsehood); quincunx Chiron(medicine, wounds, beating the odds) and Cuitlahuac(having to settle for the best that you can do); opposite Part of Fortune; parallel Sun(celebrity, to shine), Damocles(crisis, danger), and Vibilia(travel); and contraparallel Heracles(to strive to overcome) and Flammario(enthusiasm).

Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, the self-styled Black Pope and a major expounder of modern Satanism, had Walpurga in his first house, near his second-house cusp, in tight conjunction with Uranus; also sextile Jupiter, biundecimal Black Moon, quintile Juno, square Saturn, tredecile Part of Fortune, in quattuordecimal(25-degree aspect, half a septile) to Venus and pallas, and closely trine the Midheaven(career, reputation).

The glyph for Walpurga is my own invention; it was inspired by the Goat of Mendes.

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