Asteroid 886, Washingtonia, was discovered on November 16, 1917 by George H. Peters in Washington. Margaret Harwood had sighted it four days earlier on November 12 at the Maria Mitchell Observatory in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Washingtonia has a period of 5 years, 244 days and is 67 1/2 miles in diameter.

It was named for George Washington (1732-1799), first president of the United States and the namesake of both the city and state of Washington.

George Washington

Astrologically, Washingtonia seems to indicate having to do with the city or state of Washington (Damien Foor), or other cities named Washington; official, officialdom, stuffy, pompous, big head, politics, bureaucracy, "the big time".

The glyph for Washingtonia is mine.

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