Weisse Rose

Asteroid 7571, Weisse Rose, was discovered on March 7, 1989 by Freimut Borngen at Tautenburg, Thuringia, Germany. It has a period of 5 years, 174 days.

It was named for Die Weisse Rose (The White Rose), a group of dissidents and resisters against the Nazi regime in Germany that formed around Hans and Sophie Scholl in Munich in the 1930s. They were rounded up by the Gestapo and executed by beheading, but a copy of their manifesto was smuggled out of Germany and used by the Allies as anti-Nazi propaganda.

The meaning of asteroid Weisse Rose seems to be: turning point, accomplishment, new beginning; possibly purity, innocence, spirituality, sympathy, youthfulness, contrition (white rose).

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