Asteroid 18182, Wiener, was discovered August 27, 2000 by Petr Pravec and Peter Kusnirák at Ondrejov Observatory in Ondrejov, Czech Republic. Wiener has a period of 4 years, 282 days.

It was named for American mathematician Norbert Wiener (1894-1964), who contributed to many areas of mathematics, including cybernetics, stochastic processes and quantum theory. He was the author of the 1948 book Cybernetics, or control and communication in the animal and machine .

Norbert Wiener

The German word Wiener literally means "from Vienna" and is often used to refer to a frankfurter (German for "thing from Frankfurt"), which in America is known as a frank or a hot dog. There is a type of sausage with much the same shape known as the Vienna sausage, which usually comes tightly packed in cans. Dachshunds are often called "wiener dogs" on account of the shape of their bodies, a characteristic bred into them to facilitate them going into burrows after badgers (dach in German) and other burrowing animals.

"Wiener" is also a vulgar colloquial term for "penis," and this seems to inform the meaning of asteroid Wiener: sexual matters.

Sex-scandal-prone evangelist Jimmy Swaggart has Wiener in the fifth house, conjunct Pallas (politics), undecimal Venus (adultery, values), sextile the Sun (to shine) and Pluto (prostitutes, criminal behavior, self-damage), square Mercury (the media) and Damocles (drastic change, downfall, experience of groupthink), tredecile Neptune (scandal), and opposite Jupiter (religion).

Former Colorado senator Gary Hart, whose political career imploded in 1988 after it was discovered that an extramarital affair he had publicly denied did indeed exist, has Wiener in the seventh house of marriage and open enemies, semisextile Ixion (creating karma), semisquare Neptune, quintile Venus, and biquintile the Moon (the public).

Former Arkansas congressman Wilbur Mills (born May 24, 1909, in Kensett, Arkansas), a Democrat who once chaired the House Ways and Means Committee and was stripped of the post by the party in 1973 (in the middle of Watergate) after his extramarital affair with exotic dancer Fannie Foxe was revealed, had Wiener semisextile Varuna (judgment, inflated), semisquare the South Node (the path of least resistance, past influences, separations), trine the Sun, sesquiquadrate the North Node (moving past something), and biquintile Mercury and Pluto.

Renegade Catholic priest and promoter of pederasty Paul Shanley (born January 25, 1931, in Boston), who helped found the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), has Wiener decile Neptune (deceit, scandal), tredecile Uranus (homosexuality, aberration, activism), trine Hylonome (the cry of the people), sesquiquadrate Vesta (dedication), and contraparallel Venus. His superior Cardinal Bernard Law, archbishop of Boston, was scandalously tardy and inadequate in curbing Shanley's misbehavior.

Hugh Hefner, who brought pornography to the masses in the 1950s, has Wiener in the tenth house of career and reputation, decile Ceres (to nurture), quintile Chiron (the key, the door-opener, the maverick), and sesquiquadrate Juno (to put on a show).

Penthouse magazine founder Bob Guccione (born December 17, 1930, in New York) has Wiener semisextile Neptune (photography), sextile Ceres, tredecile Vesta, and parallel Mars (men).

Larry Flynt, another prominent pornographer who has repeatedly fought various governments' anti-porn laws in court, has Wiener in the sixth house of service to others, semisextile Juno (marriage, putting on a show), undecimal Elatus (well-expressed), decile Pallas, sextile the South Node, square Neptune, trine Nessus (raunchy) and the North Node (connections, transcending past influences), sesquiquadrate the Moon (the public), and quincunx Uranus (activism, rebellion) and Don Quixote (taking on the system).

Althea Leasure Flynt, Larry Flynt's late wife and soulmate, a former exotic dancer with whom he had an open marriage and who collaborated with him on Hustler magazine, had Wiener in the twelfth house, conjunct Varuna and the East Point, semisextile Dioretsa (wild, something that sticks), biquintile Mars, and quindecile Venus (love, values) and Neptune (vague boundaries).

Catherine Millet (born April 1, 1948, in Bois-Colombes, France), a French academic who chronicled the experimental approach she took toward her sexuality—i.e., wild promiscuity—in a controversial book, has Wiener conjunct Mercury, sextile Elatus and the South Node, trine Vesta and the South Node, and quincunx Saturn (work, career, reputation, rewards and consequences) and Don Quixote.

Britney Spears has Wiener in the sixth house, semisquare Venus, sextile Chariklo (glamorization, need to keep perspective), square the Sun, and trine Elatus.

The glyph for Wiener is mine.

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