Asteroid 2412 Wil was discovered on October 17, 1960 by Dutch astronomers C.J. Van Houten and Ingrid Van Houten-Groeneveld at Palomar Observatory near Pauma Valley, California. It has a period of 3 years, 142 days. It was named for Wil van de Hulst, a Dutch psychiatrist and wife of astronomer Henk C. van de Hulst. The name Wil is a form of the Teutonic Wilhelmina, meaning "helmet of will", which is a feminine form of Wilhelm(or William).

Astrologically, Wil seems to be about will that is, determination, even bullheadedness. Possibly wills as in "last will and testament.", but this is unproven. I wouldn't be surprised, though. It may also be a personal-name asteroid for people named Will(first or last name).

A famous current example of will is Christopher Reeve, who has Wil out of bounds in the 11th house, conjunct Cuitlahuac(disability) and Veteraniya(been through a lot); semisextile Hephaistos(problems moving limbs); decile Jupiter; sextile Roachapproach(the repulsive), TARDIS(hard to move), Terpsichore(agility), Daedalus, Rousseau(back to basics), and Tara(ease of motion); square Pallas; tredecile Saturn; trine Venus, Athanasia(immortal name), Krok, and Memnon; quindecile Moon; opposite Chariklo(charm, glamor, need to maintain perspective), Aquilegia(tragedy), Nietzsche(the superman); parallel Bandersnatch(unconquered monsters) and Bologna(scoffing); and contraparallel Tisiphone(getting what you have coming).

Della Reese has Wil in the 11th also, conjunct Mercury(speaking, thought), Pluto(to transform, mass movements), Chariklo(glamor, need to maintain perspective), Flood(being or feeling overwhelmed), Jabberwock(slain monsters), and TARDIS(being held back); semisextile Tezcatlipoca(taking without giving); sextile Chiron, Pallas, Wurm(contemptibleness), Yeti(unusual beliefs), Antenor(being seen as subversive), SURF, and Torricelli(in the eye of the storm); binonile Ceres(nurturing); square Uranus, Heracles(to strive with, to overcome, to cope), Nessus(learning to respect boundaries), and Thetis(human, all too human); trine Pavlov(knee-jerk reactions) and Vibilia(travel); quincunx Damocles(danger, threats, edginess, drastic change); opposite Saturn(hard work, career, sorrow) and Vesta(dedication); parallel Venus(art, singing, values) and Athanasia(immortal name); and contraparallel Pandora(making a splash, having an impact, female power) and Bandersnatch(unslain monsters).

Early 20th-century birth control activist Marie Stopes had Wil in the third house, conjunct Flammario(incendiary, ardent); semisextile Mercury and Sassi(defiance); undecimal Nessus; semisquare Mars and Ceres; septile Juno(marriage, the rage of the underdog); sextile Damocles and Thetis; square Moon(women, motherhood, the public), Uranus(activism, rebellion), Krok(lies exploded), and Proserpina(bringing forth transitions); trine Jupiter(the law, religion), Don Quixote(taking on the system), Konstitutsiya(basic principles, legal involvement), Vibilia(travel), and Circe(helping others, female ambivalence toward males); sesquiquadrate Saturn(career, hard work, consequences, rewards, The System); opposite Odysseus(cunning generalship); parallel Vesta and Madhatter(crazy beliefs); and contraparallel Industria(busy with something).

Bruce Springsteen has Wil in the fourth house, conjunct Saturn, Roachapproach(repulsion), Tantalus(misplaced generosity, feeling the hunger, tantalized), and Tara(easy journeys, the wind at one's back); semisextile Ceres; undecimal Lilith(the marginalized, blue-collar people); decile Mercury; sextile Venus, the Vertex(idealized relationships), Antenor(being seen as subversive), Bandersnatch, and Simpson(misadventures that end happily); square Damocles, Walpurga("the darkness on the edge of town", everyday monsters), Quetzalcoatl(flawed heroes), Photographica(clear images), and Sootiyo(humility); trine Nessus, BAM(to be explosive), and Eurydike; quadraundecimal Jupiter; biquintile Black Moon(wildness); quincunx Atahualpa(no quarter given or expected--"I walk these streets/With a loaded six-string," etc.); opposite Bosque Alegre(letting oneself go), Nietzsche(controlling one's own destiny), Achilles(a fatal flaw), and Circe(helping others); parallel Munchhausen(legends); and contraparallel Cosicosi(apathy).

The glyph for Wil is my invention.

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