Asteroid 5314, Wilkickia, was discovered September 20, 1982 by N.S. Chernykh at Nauchnyj, Ukraine. It has a period of 5 years, 74 days.

It was named for Russian Arctic explorers Andrei I. Vilkitzsky (1858-1913) and Boris A. Vilkitzsky (1885-1961) Andrei's son). Boris Vilkitzsky is credited with the discovery of Severnaya Zemlya, a group of islands in the Arctic Ocean just off the coast of Siberia whose existence was not definitely established until the 1910s.

Andrei Vilkitsky

Boris Vilkitsky

The meaning of asteroid Wilkickia seems to be what its name might suggest: "we'll kick ya [ass, or "we'll kick ya out"]". It may also have something to do with polar exploration.

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