Asteroid 5445, Williwaw, was discovered on August 7, 1991 by Henry E. Holt at Palomar Mountain Observatory near Pauma Valley, California. It has a period of 4 years, 27 days.

It was named after Mount Williwaw, a 5445-foot mountain just outside Anchorage which was named in 1963 by the Mountaineering Club of Alaska. A williwaw is a kind of katabatic or fall wind, a sudden blast of cold air from mountainous coasts toward the sea at high latitudes accelerated by gravity; the term is used mainly in Alaska. The term's etymology is not known but British sailors were using it in the 19th century.

Mount Williwaw

The astrological meaning of asteroid Williwaw seems to be: williwaws or similar wind phenomena in other areas, "blown away", "having one's clock cleaned," "winds of change".

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