Asteroid 4015, Wilson-Harrington, an Apollo asteroid, was discovered on November 15, 1979, by Eleanor F. Helin at Palomar Observatory near Pauma Valley, California, and is identical with the short-period comet of the same name discovered by Albert G. Wilson and Robert G. Harrington. It has a period of 4 years, 107 days and is about 1 1/2 miles in diameter.

Albert Wilson

Robert Harrington

Astrologically, Wilson-Harrington seems to be about energy or the desire to question or reject..

Sixties radical turned law professor and liberal activist for children Bernardine Dohrn has Wilson-Harrington in the twelfth house, conjunct Achilles (rash action) and 1999 XX143 (black-sheep behavior), sextile the Midheaven, square the Moon (emotions, the public) and Elatus (glossing over), and trine Mars (aggression, assertion) and Nessus.

Feminist writer Germaine Greer (The Female Eunuch) has Wilson-Harrington in the ninth house of philosophy and publishing, square Memnon (new beginnings) and 2002 VE95 (qualified benefit); trine 2002 AW197 (widespread change), 1994 TA (need for sound construction), and the Ascendant; quincunx Uranus (liberation, rebellion), Chaos (activism), and the South Node (past conditioning); and opposite Saturn (work), Varuna (growing big, judgmental, nurturing), Hylonome (popular appeal), Achilles (desire for conquest), and 2002 VQ94 (shattering).

Xanana Gusmao, who led East Timor to independence from Indonesia in a long, brutal struggle, has Wilson-Harrington in the fifth house, semisquare the Sun (to shine, leadership), sextile Chiron (ingenuity, doors opened), Juno (relating, advocating for the oppressed), and Pandora (having an impact, stirring things up); trine 2002 VQ94, sesquiquadrate Vesta (dedication), quincunx Damocles (drastic change, danger, crisis), and opposite Ceres (nurturance).

Politically nonaligned pundit Arianna Huffington has Wilson-Harrington square Vesta, Pandora, Stentor (loudly proclaimed), and 1999 TD10 (exuberance), and trine Cruithne (one's heritage).

Mexican painter and feminist Frida Kahlo had Wilson-Harrington in the twelfth house, conjunct Ceres, semisquare Vesta, sextile Antenor (seen as subversive), square Pandora, 1999 TD10 and 1994 TA, and quincunx 2000 EC98 (cranky, weird, seeing the big picture clearly).

Henry David Thoreau had Wilson-Harrington trine Pluto (transformation, power, life stripped down to bare essentials), Chiron, and Thersites (saying no), quincunx Neptune (idealism) and opposite Actor (taking action).

Controversial Italian reproductive scientist Severino Antinori has Wilson-Harrington in the tenth house of career and reputation conjunct Saturn and opposite Pholus (courage before power, initiation or introduction, insinuating something in, learning to develop proper reverence).

Bob Hope made a career of inoffensive, friendly humor and entertaining American troops, but took hawkish positions on the Vietnam War and collaborated with Spiro Agnew for gags against war protesters, for which he found himself booed by some college audiences. He had Wilson-Harrington in the third house, sextile Mars (the military), 1999 CY118 (something bad or partly bad that humans created), and the Ascendant; square Agamemnon (doing what is deemed necessary even if unpopular) and 2000 EC98 (ungrounded); trine Juno (relating); and opposite Antenor and the Midheaven.

Britney Spears has been widely criticized for her brief outfits and naughty-schoolgirl persona; the clothing styles she promotes have been very influential among preteen girls who some believe are too young to portray themselves as sex objects. She has also come in for criticism for reportedly lip-syncing at her concerts, which is apparently done to avoid overuse of her vocal chords. Spears has Wilson-Harrington in the first house of personal appearance, sextile 1999 CY118, 1999 TD10 (invasive, exuberant, highly influential) and Augeias (seen as a mess); square Okyrhoe (loyalty to personal needs), Askalaphus (media coverage) and 1998 BU48 (roguish, eyes on the bottom line); trine the Moon (women, public relations), and quincunx 1992 QB1 (taking a stand).

The glyph for Wilson-Harrington is mine.

Thanks to Jonathan Dunn, who has done some work on this asteroid, for introducing me to it.

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