Asteroid 1785 Wurm was discovered in the middle of World War II, on February 15, 1941, by German astronomer Karl Weinmuth at Heidelberg, Germany. It has a period of 3 years, 125 days. He named it for a 17th-century German interstellar and cometary physicist, Karl Wurm.

But the astrological meaning of asteroid Wurm seems to be as far from the celestial as you can get. We usually regard worms with contempt, and that is what Wurm is all about astrologically. We call people we consider little, low, and contemptible "worms" or "wormie". "The early bird gets the worm," goes the expression--worms are prey. Worms are disgusting to many people. Worms are often parasites. The word "vermin" comes from the Latin word for "worm." "Worm" is an ancient synonym for "dragon." As it happened, the head of Germany's government at the time of Wurm's discovery was a worm himself, and regarded certain groups of people as worms.

I refer to Adolf Hitler, who had Wurm in the fifth house, forming the following aspects: decile Hammurabi(harsh measures, an eye for an eye); septile Pallas(mental perception, defending civilization); sextile Venus(values, indignation, lovers), Mars(war, violence), and NOT(emphatic denial); quintile the Moon(the public, women), Jupiter(religion, the law, foreigners), and Neptune(delusions, deception, lies); square Wil(willfulness) and Black Moon(wildness); biseptile Part of Fortune(development); tredecile Chiron(to find a way around something); trine North Node(practical application of past experiences), Lilith(the marginalized, people considered undesirable), Torricelli(trouble, the storm), and Antenor(subversion, harming one's own society);biquintile Saturn(authority, work); quincunx Uranus; opposite Krok(lies), and parallel Madhatter.

J. Edgar Hoover had Wurm out of bounds, conjunct Ceres, vigintile Uranus, semisextile Mercury(the media), Saturn(authority, work, career), and the Vertex(significant relationships); sextile Chiron(ingenuity); biundecimal the Black Moon; square the Moon, Vibilia(travel), and Tezcatlipoca(criminality); tredecile/quintile the North and South Nodes; trine Heracles(striving to overcome) and Asbolus(bad experiences, following instincts); biquintile Mars(law enforcement); opposite Pluto(investigation, regimentation, tyranny) and Walpurga; parallel Nessus(the predator) and Thule(pride and prejudice); and contraparallel Jupiter(the law) and SURF(belief based on superficial knowledge). He spied on leftists and civil-rights and anti-war activists, kept dossiers on everyone who came to his attention for any reason and by any means, refused to allow women and racial minorities to become FBI agents, and allowed the Mafia to flourish and become deeply rooted because they threatened to out him as gay if he went after them.

Cher, who had to fight hard to get professional respect, who had to come to terms with her daughter Chastity Bono being gay, and whose 1960s hit tune "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" has been condemned as racist by American Romany(Gypsies), has Wurm in the tenth house, conjunct Heracles(striving to overcome) and Abanderada(causes); semisextile Walpurga, Vicia(viciousness), and dDamocles(drastic change); undecimal Mercury(the media); semisquare Sun(to shine, celebrity, performing) and Part of Fortune; sextile Ceres(family), Torricelli(turbulence), and Thetis(physical or mental limitations); quintile venus(art, beauty, music) and the East Point(public image); square Pallas and Cuitlahuac(knowing when to quit); trine Mars, Pluto, Wil, and Roachapproach; opposite Chiron(something to learn or teach), Juno(partnership), Krok(lies), and Christabel(letting in something evil); parallel Sassi(defying social convention), and contraparallel Vesta.

The glyph for Wurm is my invention.

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