Asteroid 2273 Yarilo was discovered on March 6, 1975, by Lyudmila I. Chernykh at Nauchny, Ukraine. It has a period of 3 years, 305 days. It was named for the Slavic god Yarilo.


Yarilo, in Slavic mythology, is god of sexuality and vegetation, and has some very close correspondences to the Greek Dionysus and Roman Bacchus. His name may derive from the root yary which means passionate, virile and uncontrolled. He is usually represented as having blond hair, dressed in white, and barefoot, wearing a crown of flowers and riding a white horse. In one hand he is said to hold a sheaf of wheat, and in the other a skull. Wherever he walks, flowers and wheat grow in his wake. As a popular song says: "Where he sets his foot, the corn grows in mountains, where he doth glance the grain rejoices." He is also associated with the god of summer, Kupalo, and with the sun. He had a festival day on June 4, and his death and burial was celebrated sometime during the harvest, possibly at the end of June. A priapic doll was placed in a coffin and carried through the town by an old man after sunset, to the cries and laments of women. He was buried in an open field, after which games and dances began.

Astrologically, Yarilo seems to indicate attractiveness; sex appeal; natural; to bring joy or light to; sensitive, effete, vitiated or otherwise decadent.

Singer John Denver, noted for his sensitive appearance and on-stage persona and support of environment-related causes, experienced arrests for drunken driving. He had Yarilo on the IC in the fourth house, conjunct Jupiter (philosophy, success); sextile Saturn (work, career) and Asbolus (to be listened to or not); quintile the Vertex; square Venus (art, singing); trine Hylonome (popularity, the environment) and Varuna (to make big); sesquiquadrate the Sun (to shine) and Pallas (political causes and activity); and opposite Damocles (experience of groupthink) and the Midheaven.

Quintessential matinee idol Rudolph Valentino had Yarilo conjunct Don Quixote (roaming, taking on the world) and Pallas (conceptualization), decile Juno (relating), square the Nodes (connections, taking in and giving out), biseptile the Vertex (fated or important relationships), biquintile the Sun, opposite Venus, and contraparallel Jupiter.

Early 20th-century Oklahoma humorist Will Rogers, noted for his sunny, folksy personality, had Yarilo in the fifth house, conjunct Hylonome (popular appeal, "from the people"), decile Vesta (dedication), square Ceres and Pholus (unafraid), trine the Moon, Pallas, Don Quixote (roaming), and the Midheaven; and opposite Mars, Pluto.

Madonna is a sometimes edgy performer who has used religious imagery, practice or spirituality in a provocative or groundbreaking way. She has Yarilo in the ninth house, conjunct Hylonome and Nessus (to push the envelope or be nasty), semisquare Vesta (dedication), sextile Venus, square the Sun, Juno, and Chariklo (glamor), biseptile Moon and Ceres (to nurture), trine the East Point (as the world sees you), and quincunx Jupiter (religion, success).

Marilyn Monroe was a performer with a powerful screen presence and iconic sex appeal who aspired to be taken more seriously than she was, who was deeply scarred emotionally by her unhappy childhood, and whose many relationships allegedly included John and Robert Kennedy, both of whom were married to other women. She had Yarilo in the sixth house of service, conjunct the South Node (past influences, the path of least resistance); semisextile Asbolus (not paying attention); undecimal the Moon and Damocles; nonile Jupiter; quintile Uranus (electrifying, exciting); square Nessus (holding in poison); trine Phaethon (out of control); biquintile the Sun and Neptune (motion pictures); quincunx Chariklo; quindecile Pallas (the Daddy's-girl complex); opposite Pluto (unforgettable), Vesta, and the North Node (transcending past influences, giving out); and contraparallel Ceres.

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