Asteroid 2843 Yeti, a main-belt asteroid 10.4 kilometers in diameter with a 3-year, 177-day period(year), was discovered on December 7, 1975 by Swiss astronomer Paul Wild at Zimmerwald, Switzerland. He named it for the yeti, or Abominable Snowman, a mysterious hominid which allegedly lives high in the Himalaya Mountains and is believed to be related to the Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, which reportedly lives in the Pacific Northwest(and also the Big Thicket, a region of forests and swamps in southeast Texas north of Houston, as well as in a similar area near Fouke in southwestern Arkansas). At any rate, the legends are similar, as well as persistent. Many scoff or at least suspend judgment concerning reports of encounters with such creatures, which are a staple of tabloid journalism, as well as cryptozoological investigation.

The influence of asteroid Yeti seems to be, one's attitude toward the paranormal, in all its aspects, whether that be Bigfoot and other creatures whose existence has never been determined with certainty, or astrology, or tarot or other divinatory techniques, or UFOs, or poltergeists, hauntings, vampires, lycanthropy, magick, levitation, telepathy, s`eances, crystal healing, unconventional religious belief(not just Scientology, Spiritualism, Wicca or New Age belief, but paranormal aspects of traditional religions like the healing spring of Lourdes, France, the Fatima prophecies, the apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Medjugorje, Bosnia, miracles attributed to Catholic saints, exorcisms, faith healing, speaking in tongues). Or whatever.

Example: River Phoenix, who grew up in the Children of God and traveled extensively throughout his life, had Yeti tredecile the Sun; trine Martin Luther, Descamisada, Don Quixote, Tezcatlipoca and Veteraniya; parallel Vibilia, square Chariklo and Munchhausen, opposite Nessus, sesquiquadrate the Part of Fortune; and contraparallel Hylonome, Summa and Nietzsche.

Example: Madonna, who has used religious imagery provocatively in her life and work and has let it be known that she studies the Qabbalah, has Yeti opposite Glo, conjunct Asbolus, square the Nodal axis, the Black Moon and Torricelli, semisquare Mercury, quincunx Saturn and Chiron, parallel Venus, Vesta and Abanderada, and contraparallel Chariklo.

Example: Nancy Reagan, a former Hollywood actor who as First Lady used astrology to help plan her husband Ronald's schedule after the 1981 attempt on his life by John Hinckley, and inadvertently helped raise astrology's level of respectability when her use of it was exposed by a disgruntled ex-presidential staff member, has Yeti trine the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Pallas, Walpurga, Hylonome, Varuna and Nabokov; sextile Jupiter; square Neptune, Tortali(named for a Melanesian spirit of daylight), Sassi and Damocles; opposite Wil and Descamisada; and parallel Asbolus and the Part of Fortune.

Alternately, Yeti has to do with belief in that which is eccentric, improbable or implausible, which may have nothing to do with the paranormal and may or may not qualify as delusion.

Example: Charlton Heston, who once played God in the movies and is now a conservative activist and president of the National Rifle Association, has Yeti conjunct the Moon, sextile Mercury, opposite Ceres, trine Asbolus and Cuitlahuac, square Hidalgo, quincunx TARDIS, sesquiquadrate Uranus, semisquare Juno and septile Mars.

Example: Joseph McCarthy had Yeti conjunct Quetzalcoatl, undecimal Marathon and the East Point, trine Mercury, Hammurabi, Pavlov, and Antenor(named for the Trojan who was accused of betraying Troy because he advocated making peace with the Greeks); sesquiquadrate Mars; opposite Jupiter, the Black Moon and Tezcatlipoca; tredecile Pluto, parallel Vesta and Hidalgo, square Bologna and Sassi, quincunx Vicia("vicious") and the Vertex, contraparallel Pallas, and sextile the Part of Fortune.

Example: Lee Harvey Oswald had Yeti opposite Pluto and Lilith, square Don Quixote and Descartes, sextile Jupiter; square Venus, Saturn, Vesta, Nessus and the Nodal axis; sesquiquadrate Torricelli; contraparallel Summa, Chiron, and Flora; semisextile Hammurabi; binonile Mercury; tredecile Black Moon; and parallel Sassi. There remain many unanswered questions and lingering conspiracy theories about the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Example: Christopher Reeve, who once played Superman in the movies and now is a quadriplegic as a result of a riding accident, is determined to walk again one day. Can this be accomplished? He believes it can. It is a long way from here to there, but with the current state of medical research, there is a chance. He is a strong and inspiring advocate of stem-cell and other biomedical research. Reeve has Yeti conjunct Munchhausen and Hidalgo; sextile Chiron, the Vertex and Nabokov; nonile Mars; opposite Varuna and Hylonome; square the East Point, Sun, Mercury, Juno, Walpurga, Flora, and Pandora; trine Asbolus; semisextile Summa; contraparallel Jupiter; and parallel the Part of Fortune.

Eric Francis links Yeti to events taking place in the wintertime or in snow or on ice:

Nancy Kerrigan has Yeti conjunct Jupiter, semisquare Neptune; sextile Vesta, Don Quixote, Sassi, Hammurabi and Antenor; binonile Pallas; square Mars, Descamisada; trine Nessus and Damocles; quadnonagon the Part of Fortune; opposite Vicia; and parallel Tortali(the spirit of daylight, being above board). Her figure-skating career(which, of course, takes place mainly on ice) is clearly linked in some way to criminality, and, of course, the infamous 1994 attack on her is an important part of her bio.

Hockey star Wayne Gretsky has Yeti conjunct his Ceres and Terpsichore(agility); opposite/conjunct the North and South Nodes(connections); semisextile Lilith(having to accept the way things are) and Pholus(ingratiating ooneself, insinuating oneself in); nonile Juno; septile Jupiter(prosperity, foreign countries, long-distance travel); square the Moon(sensitivity), the Part of Fortune(development), Flood(having a full plate, so to speak), Glo(celebrity), Taguacipa(having people turn against you), and Thule(considering oneself too good for something or somebody); trine Neptune(glamor, the feet), Antenor(being seen as subversive), Casanova(selfish pleasure), Flammario(on fire with enthusiasm), Nietzsche(the über-person, or physically and mentally exceptional person), and Vibilia(travel); quincunx Rhiannon(recriminations, leaving one's homeland); quintundecimal Uranus; opposite Pluto(the exceptional, the unforgettable); and contraparallel Varuna(judgment, hugeness). Many of Gretsky's fellow Canadians roundly criticized him for leaving his homeland to play for American pro hockey teams.

The glyph for Yeti is my own creation and was inspired by a clich`e: the (alleged) footprint of Bigfoot.

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