Asteroid 50549, YORP, was discovered on August 3, 2000 by the Lincoln Laboratory Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) Team at Socorro, New Mexico. It has a period of 1 year, 3 days.

YORP was named collectively for the astronomers Ivan O. Yarkovsky, John A. O'Keefe, Vladimir V. Radzievsky and Stephen J. Paddack, who realized that sunlight striking asteroids itself can affect the rate at which they spin, which is known as the YORP effect. Data from asteroid YORP provided the first direct evidence that the YORP effect actually existed.

Ivan Yarkovsky

John O'Keefe

Astrologically, though, asteroid YORP seems to signify what its name onomatopoeically suggests: having to do with appetites or primal desires, to be greedy, to prey upon (a cartoonist depicting something being gobbled up might draw "yorp."

The glyph for YORP is mine.

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