Asteroid 10547, Yosakoi, was discovered May 2, 1992 by Tsutomu Seki at Geisei Observatory in Kochi, Kochi prefecture, Japan. It has a period of 3 years, 173 days and is about 2 3/4 miles in diameter.

It was named for a popular 19th-century Japanese folk song, "Yosakoi Bushi" (Yosakoi Song) about forbidden love between a girl and a monk, who saw her secretly at night and bought her a hair ornament. "Yosakoi" means "come at night" in the local dialect of Kochi prefecture on Shikoku.

Yosakoi is also a popular dance form and annual festival in Japan.

Possible meanings for asteroid Yosakoi according to Courtney Schmiedlin are: throwing away everything to surrender to true love. Overcoming the odds. Meeting half way. A combination of tradition with a twist of new age.

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