Asteroid 840, Zenobia, was discovered on September 25, 1916 by Maximilian Wolf at Heidelberg, Germany. It has a period of 5 years, 206 days.

Zenobia is probably named for the Slavic goddess of hunting. It is also the name of a queen of Palmyra, an ancient city in what is now Syria. Queen Zenobia took on the Roman Empire in the 3rd century, declaring Palmyra independent of Rome, adding Egypt and parts of Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey) and the Arabian Peninsula to Palmyran territory. She was defeated in battle in 272 by the Roman Emperor Aurelian, who put her on display in Rome in golden chains, then allowed her to retire quietly to an Italian villa to take on the life of a Roman high-society matron.


The astrological meaning of asteroid Zenobia seems to be: feminism, strong and aggressive women, female power, belligerent.

The glyph for Zenobia is mine.

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