Asteroid 4321, Zero, was discovered on March 2, 1981, by S.J. (Buddy) Bus at Siding Spring Observatory near Coonabarabran, New South Wales, Australia. It has a period of 5 years, 131 days.

Zero was named for American comedian and actor Samuel Joel "Zero" Mostel (1915-1977), who starred in such Broadway plays as A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum and Fiddler On The Roof.

Zero Mostel

Astrologically, Zero seems to indicate being a zero or being made a zero, not counting, a nonentity..

Rob Pilatus (born June 8, 1964, in Munich), of the pop group Milli Vanilli, which was stripped of a Grammy Award and disgraced after it was discovered that Pilatus and his partner in the band Fabrice Morvan had not sung vocals on their hit album Girl You Know It's True, which was subsequently discontinued by its issuing record company despite its good sales. Pilatus endured taunts and struggled for the rest of his life, eventually committing suicide in a hotel room in Germany. Pilatus had Zero conjunct Elatus (deceptive communications, an eloquent statement), semisquare Venus (art, values), sextile the Sun (to shine), square Ceres (needing to let go), quincunx Chiron (a stumbling block, need to pay attention), quindecile Saturn (work, career, consequences), and opposite Lilith (marginalized, hard to deal with), Pholus (need to show respect) and Damocles (drastic change, experience of groupthink, transgressive).

Fabrice Morvan (born May 14, 1966, in Paris) has Zero conjunct the South Node, square Pholus, trine Chiron and Cruithne (branded), quindecile Mercury (the media), and opposite the Sun, Varuna (judgment) and North Node (moving past something).

American Communist Gus Hall (born October 8, 1910 in Virginia, Minnesota), who endured persecution on account of his political philosophy only to watch it and his cause become obsolete, had Zero quincunx Ceres (to nurture).

Black civil-rights activist and Communist Stokely Carmichael (born June 29, 1941, in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad), who exiled himself to Africa and continued to insist until his death that Communism was the wave of the future, had Zero conjunct Saturn, undecimal Varuna and Heracles (to struggle with), semisquare the Sun, and opposite Pallas (politics) and Elatus (eloquently stated).

White supremacist, fringe politician and convicted felon David Duke (born July 13, 1950, in Tulsa) has Zero conjunct Lilith, decile Neptune (scandal, prison) and trine the Sun.

Lyndon LaRouche (born September 8, 1922, in Rochester, New Hampshire), another jailbird fringe politician, has Zero semisextile Ixion (creating bad karma), sextile Neptune, Lilith and Pholus, sesquiquadrate Chariklo (glamorization) and opposite Chiron.

Former California congressman Robert Dornan (born April 3, 1933, in New York), is a notoriously nasty-tongued man who won only a handful of votes nationwide when he ran for president on the Republican ticket and lost his seat as a result of demographic changes in his Orange County district, after which his mouth got him banished from the floor of the House by his former colleagues. Dornan has Zero semisquare Mars (anger, aggression) and quincunx Ceres, Heracles and Phaethon (out of control and out of sight).

Gary Condit (born April 21, 1948, in Salina, Oklahoma), another California congressman, who was voted out in disgrace after mishandling the disappearance of a woman with whom he was having an extramarital affair, has Zero conjunct Saturn, sextile Venus (adultery, young women, values), square the Nodes (connections made and broken, past influences and moving beyond them), trine Pallas, and quincunx Elatus (evasive communications, an eloquent statement). Some say it was his failure to be straightforward that did him in.

Former Ohio congressman Donald "Buz" Lukens (born February 11, 1931, in Middletown, Ohio), who was voted out of office and went to jail, his political career annihilated, after being convicted of sex with a 16-year-old girl, has Zero square the Sun, decile the North Node, quintile Juno (surrendering power), tredecile the South Node, and quincunx Vesta (sexual problems; something confirmed).

Ninth president of the United States William Henry Harrison (born February 9, 1773, in Charles City, Virginia) had Zero semisextile Hylonome (grief, the cry of the people), sextile Sun (to shine, chief executive) and Damocles, square Chaos (breaking new ground), quincunx Uranus (something quick, something unique), and parallel Mercury (public speaking). Harrison contracted pneumonia after giving a 2½-hour inaugural address on a cold, stormy day in early March 1841 with no coat or hat on. (Long florid speeches, it seems, were the norm for 19th-century American politicians; for their largely rural audience, it was a form of entertainment, an edifying diversion from the grinding toil, boredom and hardship of their daily lives. But Harrison's monologue was long even by the standards of the era; in fact, it set a record for length among US presidential inaugural addresses which stands to this day.) A longtime army officer who had served for many years in rough conditions on the frontier, battling hostile Native American tribes, the 68-year-old Harrison apparently felt he was too tough to get sick. He was wrong, and he died after a month in office—not enough time to do much of anything. Factoids like the brevity of his administration (the shortest in US history); the length of his inaugural address; his age when he took office (older than any other president except Ronald Reagan); his wife Anna Harrison's age (65 when her husband took office, making her one of the oldest First Ladies the country has ever had); the fact that he was the first president to die in office; the so-called Curse of Tecumseh, or "zero-year curse," allegedly uttered by Shawnee Indian Chief Tecumseh's brother Tenskwatawa, aka "The Prophet," after Harrison handed the Shawnees a resounding military defeat at the Battle of Tippecanoe in November 1811 at Battle Ground, Indiana; and being the grandfather of another president (Benjamin Harrison), are William Harrison's only claims to fame.

The glyph for Zero is mine.

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