Asteroid 472235, Zhulong, a KBO, was discovered on April 4, 2014 by Pan-STARRS 1 at Haleakala, Hawaii. It has a period of 419 years, 229 days.

It was named for a figure from Chinese mythology, Zhulong ("Torch Dragon"), which has a human face and the body of a serpent which is colored scarlet. mythological creature with a human face and scarlet serpent body. It controls the occurrence of day and night by opening and closing its eyes. It is described in classic Chinese literature as shining a torch over "the ninefold darkness." .

Astrologically, Zhulong seems to have to do with the harsh truth, self-deceit, brainwashing, refusing to acknowledge inconvenient or unpleasant truths, having the courage to act on these truths.

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