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Click here for pages on the asteroids I have researched. There are a lot of them.

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Jeborics, or Galactic Points: Deep-Space Radiation Sources


Novae and Supernovae

My Fixed Stars


Astrological Hall Of Shame

(The worst, most notorious people who ever lived, organized by Sun-sign, with birth dates and places and birth times if available.)

Alex D'Atria's website

My Writings, Archived

Other People's Stuff

Astrodienst(Online Chart Computing)

NASA Ephemeris Generator

NASA Asteroid & Comet Orbit Mapper

Comet Catalog In Order Of Day of Perihelion

NED Coordinate Finder

Sunspots In History


More Occultations

More Birthdays

Interactive NGC Catalog of Deep-Sky Objects

The Messier Catalog of Deep-Sky Objects

The Nine Planets

List of Centaurs and Scattered-Disk Objects

List of Transneptunian Objects(TNOs)


The Fixed Stars

Astrology Source Library

Betawaves: Occult Symbolism of the Tarot, Astrology & The Four Elements


Regional Folklore and Mythology

Bernadette Brady's Web Site

Diana Rosenberg's Web Site

Jonathan Dunn's Web Site

Eric Francis' Web Site

Juan Antonio Revilla's Web Site

Treehouse Mountain

Zane Stein's Web Site

Astrological Products


AstroAmerica: Clearinghouse For Astrology Books

Project Hindsight: Translations of Ancient Astrological Texts


Lois Rodden's Astro-Databank

Zoidiasoft Technologies

Ceres Asteroid Computing Program

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Encyclopedia Mythica

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