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Astrology Books

Published: Harbingers of the Modern World

Astrology Articles

For GAIA, the newsletter of AST SIG, the asteroid special interest group of the National Council for Geocosmic Research:



Don Quixote




2016 Presidential Election

For Astrology Communications Media


"Linguistic and numerical indexing in accessing pictorial databases"

(I wrote this in 2016 as a term paper for a database systems class at California State University-San Bernardino.)

"Cradle of Civilization: The Mexican Gulf Coast, and the Modern-Day Heirs Thereof"

(I wrote this in 2022 as a term paper for a geography class at South Dakota State University. PDF file,)


My Poems

My Hymns To The Gods of Ancient Greece


Short stories

Slenderman Comes

Slenderman's Always There (Oh, god, always!)

(With thanks to Eric Knudsen, creator of Slenderman.)


Translations of various short classic works.

Fan Fiction

Witches' Night Out

(Based on the "Witches' Chillers" series by Silver RavenWolf.)

Check out my Spotify playlist of songs used in the story.

And the main character of the "Witches' Chillers" series, Bethany Salem, has her own playlist, too. Give that a listen, too, if you like.

Others' Work

"Target: Saddam Hussein" by Frost Bleaverden

(This was written by a friend of mine in the 1990s who once worked in the Middle East for an oil company; he asked me to publish it.)

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