Delmira Agustini

Outside the night, dressed in tragedy, sighs

Like an enormous widow fastened to my windowpane.

My room...

By a wondrous miracle of light and fire

My room is a grotto of gold and precious gems:

With a moss so smooth, so deep its tapestries,

And it is vivid and hot, so sweet I believe

I am inside a heart...

My bed there in white, is white and vaporous

Like a flower of innocence.

Like the froth of vice!

This night brings insomnia;

There are black nights, black, which bring forth

One rose of sun...

On these black and clear nights I do not sleep.

And I love you, Winter!

I imagine you are old,

I imagine you are wise,

With a divine body of beating marble

Which drags the weight of Time like a regal cloak...

Winter, I love you and I am the spring...

I blush, you snow:

Because you know it all,

Because I dream it all...

We love each other like this!...

On my bed all in white,

So white and vaporous like the flower of innocence,

Like the froth of vice,

Winter, Winter, Winter,

We fall in a cluster of roses and lilies!

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