Asteroid 12927 Pinocchio was discovered on September 30, 1999, by Maura Tombelli and Luciano Tesi, at the San Marcello Pistoiese Observatory in San Marcello Pistoiese, Tuscany, Italy. It has a period of 3 years, 181 days. It was named after the title character of the children's book The Adventures Of Pinocchio(1883), by Italian author Carlo Lorenzini(1826-1890), who wrote under the pen name Carlo Collodi. Pinocchio(whose name means "Pine Head" in Italian) was a wooden marionette carved by an old man named Geppetto who longed to become a real, flesh-and-blood boy, and got his wish, but first had to learn bravery, truth, unselfishness and generosity. Philosopher Benedetto Croce commented that "the wood of which Pinocchio is carved is humanity itself." The book was made into a classic movie by The Walt Disney Company in 1940. The character Pinocchio is probably best known for the fact that his nose grew in length whenever he told lies and returned to normal size whenever he told the truth.


Astrologically, asteroid Pinocchio signifies the telling of lies, especially transparent ones; rumormongering; scoffing; the creation of legends; denial; and self-delusion, and also finding one's true purpose in life or what makes one more successful or distinguished than one's previous pursuits were doing, finding one's own voice, reclaiming one's life, taking control of one's life, possibly coming to or coming back to life, in either the literal or metaphorical sense.

O.J. Simpson has Pinocchio in the tenth house, conjunct Mars(violence, murder, sharp instruments) and Harris(snapping, engaging frenzied violence); semiundecimal(16 degrees, 22 minutes) Uranus(shattering one's life); undecimal McAuliffe(a liability, an albatross around one's neck) and the Part of Fortune; decile Ceres(support from others); nonile the Sun(to shine); sextile Saturn(career, hard work, consequences, retribution, karma), Lilith(having to resign oneself to something, repressed rage erupting), and Philosophia; quintile the Moon(women, the public); square Don Quixote(taking on the world) and Hidalgo(promoting or defending oneself); trine Neptune(deception, complicated matters, scandal), Volta(electrifying), Whiterabbit(falling down into the rabbit hole and into The Twilight Zone, sea changes), Bandersnatch(unslain monsters), Hektor(bullying, abuse), and Kafka(bizarre situations); biquintile Chiron(something to learn or teach); quadnonagon Jupiter(the law, philosophy, justice);and parallel Venus(women, especially young and/or beautiful ones; values; indignation, righteous rage).

Former Enron chairman Kenneth Lay has Pinocchio in the second house, conjunct Juno(screwing the little person) and Mallory(overreaching); semisquare the East Point(how the world sees you); semisquare the Part of Fortune; sextile Pholus(insinuating oneself in, ingratiating oneself, spreading a sickness) and Lilith; square Pallas(politics, defending civilized values) and Philosophia; tredecile Ceres; trine Bandersnatch and Volta; biquintile the Vertex(important relationships); quincunx Mars; triseptile Jupiter; opposite Saturn, McAuliffe and Whiterabbit; and parallel Chariklo(glamor, need to keep perspective).

Steven Spielberg, who was one of Hollywood's top filmmakers by the 1980s and re-oriented Tinseltown around the blockbuster movie, but was ignored by the Oscars until he made Schindler's List, a movie about the Holocaust, has Pinocchio in the eighth house of legacies, making the following aspects: conjunct Ceres; decile the Midheaven(career, reputation); semisquare Mars(action, drive, the military); sesquiundecimal(49 degrees, 16 minutes)the Black Moon; sextile Perseverantia; sesquiseptile(77 degrees, 8 minutes) the Vertex; square Venus, Jupiter(prosperity, philosophy), Rockefellia(wealthy and powerful, paying the price for not toeing the line), Hatshepsut(female power), and Israel(things pertaining to Israel or to Jews or Judaism); trine Uranus, Neptune, Mallory(taking on challenges), Valentine(something personal), and Weaver(to fabricate, put something together); trine/sextile the Nodes(development, dealing with psychological conditioning); sesquiquadrate Asbolus(listening to oneself, taking or not taking advice); quincunx Dominiona(on top of the world); and opposite Pluto(big things).

Tammy Wynette, a former Alabama beautician turned legendary country singer is best known for her classic tune "Stand By Your Man," seen by many as an anti-feminist anthem and by others as an ode to commitment in marriage, and was married and divorced numerous times herself. She had Pinocchio in the ninth house, conjunct the Midheaven, and Juno as well, and Mallory; also, Pinocchio was semisquare the Part of Fortune and Magnanimity(life's been good); sextile Pholus(to ingratiate oneself); septile Neptune(music); squile(75 degrees) the Ascendant; sesquiseptile Vesta; square Pallas and the East Point; trine Ceres and Stephengould(doubt, "it ain't necessarily so"); quadraundecimal Venus(singing); sesquiquadrate Pandora(making a splash, having an impact); opposite the Sun(to shine) and Heracles(to strive with); parallel Chariklo; and contraparallel Fisher.

Tina Turner, who became successful as a singer in partnership with Ike Turner and even more so once she walked out on him after he became abusive, had Pinocchio in the sixth house, semiundecimal(16 degrees, 22 minutes) the Part of Fortune; semisextile Mars(men, abuse, violence) and Stephengould(hardheaded doubt); undecimal the Vertex and Fortuna(fortune); decile the Midheaven; sextile the Sun and Pandora; square the Nodes, Phaethon, and Academia("it doesn't matter"); trine the Moon, Rockefellia(paying the price for misconduct, wealthy and generous), and Tara(smoothly folowing); biquintile Ceres; quindecile Chiron; opposite Pluto, Pallas, and the East Point; parallel Volta; and contraparallel Mallory and Roddenberry(spirit of adventure, going through life basically alone).

Arnold Schwarzenegger, an international bodybuilder turned actor, has done comedy films, but is better known for action/adventure roles that are often not terribly demanding of an actor. He has become very successful in Hollywood, even marrying into the Kennedy family, all without changing his last name, getting rid of his thick Austrian accent or compromising his right-leaning political beliefs, thereby confounding all the naysayers in the Seventies who said it couldn't be done. He has Pinocchio in the twelfth house, conjunct the cusp, conjunct Mars(aggression); vigintile(18 degrees) the North Node(to deal with challenges or past habit patterns); semisextile Mercury; undecimal Patientia(patience); sesquidecile Saturn and Pluto; square Pallas and Damocles(to push the envelope, to make changes, experience of groupthink);trine Mallory(to take on challenges, the spirit of adventure), Lacrimosa(something to mourn), Kafka(science fiction), Hygeia(to stay fit and healthy), Fisher(in quest of something), and Volta; sesquiquadrate Chiron; quincunx Jupiter, Chariklo and Rockefellia; quintundecimal the South Node(past conditioning); quindecile the Moon; and opposite the Part of Fortune, Juno, and Symmetria(trim and fit).

The glyph for Pinocchio is my conception and was inspired by Pinocchio's famous big nose.

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