The House Of Life

Sonnet 72: The Choice, II


Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Watch thou and fear; to-morrow thou shalt die.

Or art thou shure thou shalt have time for death?

Is not the day which God's word promiseth

To come man knows not when? In yonder sky

Now while we speak, the sun speeds forth: can I

Or thou assure him of his goal? God's breath

Even at this moment haply quickeneth

The air to a flame; till spirits, always nigh

Though screen'd and hid, shall walk the daylight here.

And dost thou prate of all that man shall do?

Canst thou, who hast but plagues, presume to be

Glad in his gladness that comes after thee?

Will his strength slay thy worm in Hell? Go to:

Cover thy countenance, and watch, and fear.


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