"They Betrayed Virtue and the Last Came First..."


Kostas Karyotakis

They betrayed virtue and the last came first.

With money the heart is taken and the friend is appraised.

If once it was shimmering in the mind, in the eyes, in everything,

Life is already dark and unfeasible like a legend,

It's bitterness on the lip.

Deep Night. With a spirit full of rage I pushed the bed.

I opened the cobweb-filled rooms. No

hope. From the window, I saw the shadow

of the last passer-by. And I shouted in the peacefulness:


The awful word with fire was written in the sky.

Trees are pointing at it, stars are looking it,

the houses have it for a sign and they are graves,

even the dogs must have heard it and are howling:

Men do not listen.

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