Asteroid 144 Vibilia was discovered on June 3, 1875, by C.H.P. Peters at Clinton, New York. It has a period of 4 years, 119 days and is 105.7 miles in diameter. Peters named it for the Roman goddess of journeys immediately after returning from an expedition to observe Venus.

Vibilia, Roman goddess of journeys.

Astrologically, Vibilia does seem to relate to all kinds of traveling, especially the frequent, habitual or especially significant kind.

The peripatetic veteran TV journalist Dan Rather has Vibilia out of bounds, semisextile Saturn(career) and NOT, undecimal Part of Fortune(development), nonile the Sun(to shine) and Pallas(mental perception); sextile Damocles(to challenge, to be in danger), Thule(pride and prejudice), Bologna(lies), Tezcatlipoca(criminality), and Vicia(viciousness); trine Jupiter(success, faraway places, wisdom), Uranus(broadcasting), and Thetis(physical and mental limitations); biquintile Pluto(power); and quincunx Don Quixote.

Maria von Trapp, the matriarch of the famous Austrian-born von Trapp singing family, a former nun who fled the Nazis with her family and was traveling even before she was born(she was born on a train near Vienna), has Vibilia conjunct Casanova(selfish pleasure), undecimal Munchhausen(legends), semisquare the Moon and Vesta; sextile Glo(celebrity); quintile the Sun(celebrity, to shine); square Saturn(work), Asbolus(following instincts), Varuna(being huge), Athanasia(immortality), Yeti(winter activities); trine Venus(art), Tortali(under the sun), and SURF; biquintile Pholus(following one's heart); quincunx Jupiter(success, religion, foreign countries) and Part of Fortune; triseptile Pluto(the unforgettable); opposite Flammario(enthusiasm) and the Vertex(significant relationships); parallel Hylonome(popularity) and Damocles(crisis, danger, drastic change); and contraparallel Vicia(viciousness).

Ronald "Bon" Scott, the late, hard-partying legendary singer for the Australian heavy-metal band AC/DC, had Vibilia in the 5th house, conjunct the Sun, semisextile Uranus and Flammario, square Jupiter, Chiron, Juno, Atahualpa(no quarter), Chariklo(glamor), and Krok(falsehood); biseptile Vesta; trine Hammurabi(harsh measures) and the East Point(public image); opposite Descamisada(hard work), Melpomene(tragedy), and Pavlov(conditioned response); and contraparallel Casanova(selfish pleasure).

A lot of travel is done by car, hence the glyph for Vibilia, which is my own invention.

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