Asteroid 9133, D'Arrest, was discovered on September 25, 1960 by C. J. van Houten and Ingrid van Houten-Groeneveld at Palomar Observatory near Pauma Valley, California. D'Arrest has a period of 4 years, 93 days.

It was named after German astronomer Heinrich Louis d'Arrest (1822-1875), who assisted Johannes Galle in the discovery of the planet Neptune at the Berlin Observatory in 1846. He also worked at the Leipzig Observatory and the Copenhagen Observatory in Denmark. D'Arrest discovered a number of comets and asteroids and was a prolific observer of nebulae as well as asteroids.

Heinrich Louis D'Arrest

Astrologically, though, asteroid D'Arrest seems to relate to arrest (including cardiac arrest, as Martha Lang-Wescott has pointed out; the arrest of the operation of something, as other astrologers have pointed out; or the arrest of the motion of something or someone); retardation, social conservatism or backwardness.. Some have also proposed to grab or capture.

O.J. Simpson, a once-successful former football star, broadcaster, endorser and actor who was plunged deep into debt and rendered an all-but-unemployable international pariah by his mid-1990s legal troubles, has D'Arrest in the seventh house, semisextile Lilith (marginalization), square Mars (violence, anger), and trine Chiron (self-damage). He was later imprisoned for trying to retrieve some of his possessions at gunpoint.

Robert Blake, who eventually came to experience similar legal problems following the death of his wife and gave numerous jailhouse interviews, has D'Arrest in the first house, conjunct Venus (values, money), semisextile Mercury (talk), and Jupiter (the law), and square 1996 TL66 (figurative Armageddon, absolute power).

1980s Wall Street cowboy and ex-convict Ivan Boesky has D'Arrest sextile Mars (aggression), trine Asbolus (awful things), quincunx Venus and Achilles (rash action), and opposite Thersites (verbal abuse) and Thersander (reaping one's just deserts).

Lawrence Noxon, a retarded infant from Massachusetts who was electrocuted by his own father, had D'Arrest in the eighth house of death, trine 1994 TA (moral pollution).

Actor Chris Burke, another Down syndrome case who has been much more successful in life, has D'Arrest conjunct 2002 AW197 (widespread changes), square Venus, trine 1996 TL66 ("taking care of" something) and quincunx Pallas (social activism).

Right-wing propagandist Rush Limbaugh has D'Arrest in the eleventh house of politics, conjunct Damocles (pushing the envelope), semisquare Ascendant (personal interests), sextile the East Point (how the world sees you) and Ixion (inventive, creation of negative karma), trine Achilles (acting out of anger), quincunx Pandora (stirring things up, having an impact) and opposite Thersites.

Ann Coulter, another right-wing pundit who is even more toxic than Limbaugh, has D'Arrest semisextile Asbolus (acerbic), square Boucolion (redneck attitudes) and quincunx Juno (rage).

Phyllis Schafly, a conservative activist known mainly for her anti-women's- rights activities who led a so-far-successful fight against ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, has D'Arrest in the fourth house, semisextile Saturn, sextile 1999 XX143 (issues regarding one's role in society), square 1992 QB1 (powerful ideology, witnessing) and 2002 VE95 (gifts misused, negative impact), and trine 1996 TL66 (trying to end something).

Andrea Yates, a former nurse who went into a downward spiral mentally after becoming a fundamentalist Christian stay-at-home mom and eventually went to jail for drowning her five young children in the bathtub, has D'Arrest opposite Don Quixote.

Perfervid fanatical homophobe Fred Phelps has D'Arrest trine Uranus (homosexuality, activism), quincunx Heracles (striving against) and opposite 2002 AW197 (widespread changes).

The glyph for D'Arrest is mine.

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