Asteroid 6129 Demokritos was discovered on May 14, 1993, by Eric W. Elst, at European Southern Observatory near Pedernales, Coquimbo, Chile.

It has a period of 4 years, 244 days and is about 11.6 miles in diameter, and it was named for the Greek philosopher Demokritos or Democritus(the Latinized form of his name)(460 BCE?𤽊 BCE?).


Astrologically, Demokritos indicates being in trouble, feeling isolated, ignored or dominated, need to have or keep faith, seemingly capricious success or failure.

The exterior of Angola State Penitentiary in Tunica, Louisiana, always a place where prisoners were kept—first a plantation with slaves who hailed from Angola(hence the name), then a state prison that eventually became one of America's best known.

East Timorese President Xanana Gusmao, who led his small, impoverished Southeast Asian country to independence after more than a quarter-century of often brutal Indonesian occupation and dictatorial rule, has Demokritos prominent, on the Descendant on the seventh-house side. He also has Demokritos conjunct the Part of Fortune(fortune, development); sextile Thersander(fighting for what belongs to you); square Mars(warfare); trine Venus(values), Saturn(hard work), Vesta(commitment), and Chaos; tredecile Pluto(transformation); and quincunx the Sun(to shine, leadership), Asbolus(terrible experiences) and Varuna(grandness).

Others with Demokritos prominent are Courtney Love(conjunct Uranus and Pluto as well as Weaver in the tenth house of career[cusping the eleventh house]); Michael Jackson(on the Descendant on the sixth house side); Gloria Steinem(conjunct Uranus as well as Nessus and Rockefellia in the sixth house of service); Linda Lovelace(conjunct the Moon, and also Pallas, in the fifth house of entertainment); and Yasser Arafat(conjunct the Moon, and also the North Node and Sphinx, in the eleventh house of politics).

Courtney Love, a talented and tempestuous rock singer-songwriter and actor, also has Demokritos square Mars, trine Bandersnatch(unslaim monsters), Herakleitos(the flow of life, change, impulsiveness), Hybris(hubris), and Rousseau(the wild woman); opposite Vesta(dedication), Melancholia, and Pittsburghia(seriousness, inner depths).

Jackson, one of history's most popular singers, who is past his prime and has endured a scandal involving allegations of child molestation, has Demokritos sextile Asbolus(following one's heart, awful things); trine Chariklo(glamor, celebrity); sesquiquadrate Jupiter(the law) and opposite Bandersnatch, Magnanimity, Melancholia and Hybris.

Steinem, an influential feminist who refused to marry until she could have an equal partnership, has Demokritos sextile Saturn(hard work, career, rewards and consequences),Damocles(challenge, crisis, danger, to push the envelope, to experience groupthink, drastic change), Hatshepsut(female power), Jansky(channeling divine energy), and the Vertex(significant or idealized relationships); square Pluto(power, transformation); trine the Midheaven(career, reputation); and opposite Jupiter(the law, prosperity).

In order to escape from quicksand, you have to keep your head, and use it.

Lovelace, a porn star turned anti-porn activist who was reportedly coerced into pornography by her husband, had Demokritos sextile Ixion(self-damaging pride of talent, bad karma); trine the East Point(how the world sees you), Pholus(learning respect, infiltration, infection, folly) and Harris("I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"); quincunx the Midheaven and Venus(beauty, sex, values); and opposite Vesta.

Arafat has Demokritos sextile Pluto, Asbolus, Hektor(bullying, violence), and the Ascendant; square Damocles, Pittsburghia, and Thersander; trine Lilith(the marginalized), Herakleitos, and Prudentia; sesquiquadrate Mars; quincunx Hybris; and opposite Juno(the rage of the oppressed). He may just lead his people to independence yet.

Mahatma Gandhi had Demokritos in the ninth house of philosophy and religion, conjunct Thersander and Weaver(to construct), square Pallas(politics), Chiron(the teacher), Lilith and Hylonome(popular appeal), trine Mercury and the East Point, sesquiquadrate Venus and Mars, and opposite Roddenberry(tolerance and broadmindedness) and Chaos. Kidnap and sexual-assault victim Steven Stayner had Demokritos in the twelfth house, sextile Neptune and Chiron, square Lilith and Chaos, trine Don Quixote, Varuna, the Part of Fortune and Fortuna, and opposite Nyctimene: He escaped from the pedophile who held him and another boy captive, only to see the man receive an absurdly light sentence.

The glyph for Demokritos is my own conception.

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