7815 Dolon was discovered on August 21, 1987, at European Southern Observatory near Pedernales, Coquimbo, Chile, by Eric W. Elst. It is a Jupiter-associated Trojan with a period of 12 years, 71 days. Elst named it for a minor character in The Iliad, a Trojan who volunteered to spy on the Greek camps, demanding assurances from Hector that he would get Achilles' chariot as a reward; captured by Diomedes and Odysseus, he divulged everything he knew about the Trojan defenses to them in the hope of saving his life, but Diomedes killed him as he begged for his life. In Book Twelve of The Aeneid, Vergil mentions Dolon in passing: His son Eumedes went with Aeneas to Italy after the fall of Troy and was killed in battle with the Latins.

Astrologically, asteroid Dolon seems to indicate grace under pressure, learning to handle fear and pain, issues of dignity and patriotism, minding one's own business or intrusiveness, prudence or imprudence.

Another well-known failed spy is Nathan Hale(1755-1776), an American who was captured and hanged by the British during the American Revolution. By all reports, he died bravely, believing he was doing his duty. Born June 6, 1755, in Coventry, Connecticut, Hale had Dolon conjunct Ceres; semisextile Phaethon; semisquare Chaos; sextile Venus, Jupiter, Pandora, Magnanimity, Prudentia and Weaver; square Chariklo; trine Askalaphus, Hybris, Jansky, Skepticus, and Stentor; quincunx Damocles; and opposite Chiron, Pholus and Mallory.

"I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country."—Nathan Hale's alleged last words

Timothy McVeigh, who only imagined himself a patriot, and died calmly and secure in his self-righteousness like the fanatic he was, had Dolon conjunct Valentine; semisextile Tara; undecimal Compassion; semisquare the East Point; sextile Mars, Pluto, Perseverantia, and Philoctetes; square Venus, Saturn, the Nodes, and Aesculapia; tredecile Juno; trine the Moon, Chariklo, the Vertex, Acacia, Bandersnatch, Thersites, Harris, Hektor and Patientia; opposite Lilith; and parallel the Part of Fortune.

Yasser Arafat has Dolon in the ninth house, conjunct Hylonome and Varuna; semisquare Chiron, the North Node, Bandersnatch and Pittsburghia; quintile Ceres, square Pholus, trine Venus, Volta and the Vertex; sesquiquadrate the South Node; quincunx McAuliffe, and opposite Mercury, Mars, and the Part of Fortune. He has lived much of his life in a state of danger, threatened both by Israel, from which he has been trying to win Palestine's independence, and by Palestinian extremists.

Michael Jackson, who has had to endure accusations of pederasty for years, has Dolon in the ninth house prominent, on his Midheaven and Pluto, and also conjunct Weaver, semisextile Simpson, undecimal Jupiter, septile Ceres and the Part of Fortune, sextile Neptune, Kafka and McAuliffe, quintile the North Node, square Juno, Epimetheus, and Flammeus(on fire); trine Heracles and Hektor, and quincunx Herakleitos.

Andrei Sakharov and Yelena Bonner: Grace under pressure.

Sharon Osbourne, a famously tough rock manager who has put her family life(with her family's consent) in the global spotlight, whose husband, Ozzy Osbourne, once attempted to strangle her while drunk(and didn't have her walk out on him), has recently(August 2002) been diagnosed with colon cancer. She has Dolon conjunct Atanasoff; sextile Jupiter, Damocles, and Nessus; square Ceres; trine Venus, Uranus, and Hidalgo; quincunx the Sun, Saturn, Ixion, and Mallory; and opposite Heracles, Fisher, Magnanimity, Prudentia, Stephengould, and Simpson.

Madalyn Murray O'Hair, once called "the most hated woman in America," had Dolon in the eleventh house, conjunct Lacrimosa; semisextile the North Node, Chiron, Nyctimene and Whiterabbit; sextile Pluto, Perseverantia, Pia and Tutenchamun; square Neptune, Juno, Atanasoff, Jansky, and Patientia; trine Dominiona and Stentor; quincunx the South Node; and opposite the Vertex.

The glyph for Dolon is mine; Homer called him a good runner.

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