Asteroid, 14026, Esquerdo, was discovered on September 28, 1994 by the Spacewatch project at Kitt Peak Observatory near Sells, Arizona, west of Tucson.

Esquerdo has a period of 3 years, 229 days. It was named for Gil Esquerdo (born 1976), a former research assistant at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson who has also worked as research assistant for the Near-Earth-Asteroid Physical Study project at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada.

Gil Esquerdo

In Spanish, izquierdo means "left," and this direction has gotten an undeserved bad rep down through the centuries. Sinister literally means "left" in Latin. In the Bible, those condemned by God to Hell are placed on his left side at judgment day. To this day, in south Asia and the Middle East it is considered rude to shake or eat with your left hand, as this is reserved for "dirty" tasks such as wiping yourself. Numerous stutterers have been created out of left-handed children who were forced to use their right hands by misguided parents and teachers, and manufacturers of various everyday objects such as scissors and school desks have tended to make them with right-handers in mind.

However unjustified, this prejudice against the left side does seem to inform the meaning of Esquerdo: left out, made an outsider, out in the cold, condemned. It is possible that it might have something to do with liberal or leftist politics; the term "the left" comes from the fact that in the British House of Commons, the Liberal Democrat and Laborite members of Parliament, who tend to adhere to a more liberal platform than the Conservative Party members, sit to the left of the Speaker, while the Conservatives sit to the right.

1960s African-American civil-rights activist Stokely Carmichael (born June 19, 1941, in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad) became a Communist and moved to Africa, dying in exile in Guinea still insisting that communism was the wave of the future. He had Esquerdo conjunct Mercury (thinking, speeches) and Huya (something missing).

American Communist leader Gus Hall (born October 8, 1910 in Virginia, Minnesota), a man persecuted for his beliefs in his time who died almost forgotten, had Esquerdo semisquare Pelion (life is tough), sextile Chiron (need to pay attention), square Mercury and opposite Pluto (persecution, investigation, collective amnesia).

Madalyn Murray O'Hair had Esquerdo in the twelfth house, semisextile Mars (aggression, assertion, energy), sextile Pelion, and square Quaoar (creation, close examination).

Nelson Mandela has Esquerdo conjunct Rhadamanthus (to judge, modesty), sextile Jupiter (the law, expansion, dealings with foreign people and places), trine Quaoar, sesquiquadrate Cyllarus (racial issues, self-esteem), and quincunx Pallas (politics).

Natalie Maines, the outspoken frontwoman for the Dixie Chicks, has Esquerdo sextile Saturn (career, rewards and consequences). Her criticism of George W. Bush put the band in the doghouse with many country-music fans.

Stephen Maier (born February 6, 1975), a victim of the rare narcoleptic disorder Kleine-Levin Syndrome, which made him sleep much of his teen and young adult years away, has founded an organization for victims of the disease. He has Esquerdo sextile Rhadamanthus (to judge), trine Pallas (defense of civilization, politicking) and quincunx Thereus (to work with others).

Comedian Paula Poundstone was banned from California's foster parenting program and forbidden to adopt any more children after being convicted of driving drunk with her 12-year-old foster daughter in the car, and after a while was allowed to have her kids back by the court. Friends say she is very devoted to children. She has Esquerdo square Vesta.

"Typhoid" Mary Mallon, who was forcibly quarantined for life on an island off New York City for refusing to cooperate with public health authorities who had identified her as a typhoid fever carrier, had Esquerdo sextile Elatus (evasion, justification), trine Pluto (ruthless use of power), and quincunx Neptune (entrapment, imprisonment) and Rhadamanthus (to be placed under supervision).

Teenage AIDS victim Ryan White (born December 6, 1971), a hemophiliac who died young after contracting AIDS through tainted human blood-clotting factor and being forced out of his school, then out of his Indiana hometown, became an AIDS activist in the short time remaining to him. He had Esquerdo square Okyrhoe (dealing with attack) and quincunx Thereus (savagery).

Shannen Doherty is known for getting into fights, legal problems and tempestuous relationships, was scapegoated by the media and the public for a while, and asked to leave Beverly Hills 90210 by her castmates for being chronically and grossly tardy to the set amid an array of other allegations involving turmoil on and off the set. She has Esquerdo sextile Juno (relationships) and the Midheaven (career), square Ceres (nurturance), trine Thereus (wildness, ability to work with others) and Hidalgo (assertion, promotion, ambition defense), and quincunx Vesta.

Silent film star Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle (born March 24, 1887, in Smith Center, Kansas), whose career was destroyed through false allegations of sexual misconduct and murder for which he was tried and acquitted, had Esquerdo sextile Venus (art), square the Sun (to shine), and trine Juno and Vesta.

O.J. Simpson has Esquerdo in the ninth house of legal involvement, sextile Rhadamanthus, square Mercury, trine the Ascendant (personal interests), and opposite Cyllarus (ability to serve one's own needs).

The glyph for Esquerdo is mine.

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