Asteroid 5261, Eureka, was discovered on June 20, 1990 by Henry E. Holt and David H. Levy at Palomar Observatory near Pauma Valley, California. It has a period of 1 year, 322 days.

Eureka, Greek for "I have found it," is an expression of joy at making a discovery. (It is also the official motto of California, a state settled in large part through the great gold rush of 1849.)

Panning for gold.

The cry "Eureka" is attributed to Archimedes, a Greek physicist who lived in Syracuse (now Siracusa), Italy in the 3rd century BCE. He had been given a golden crown by Syracuse's ruler, Dionysius II, who had been told that the gold was pure but suspected that the gold was alloyed. He told Archimedes to find out if the crown was indeed pure gold without damaging it in order to take a sample for analysis. Archimedes reportedly realized while in the bathtub that he could determine that by seeing if the crown displaced as much water as an equal weight of gold known to be pure, thereby discovering the chemistry principle of specific gravity. Legend has it that he leaped out of the bathtub and ran through the street naked, yelling "Eureka!"

Asteroid Eureka seems to indicate discovery or the spirit of discovery, investigation, apprehension (as in "caught" or "arrested").

Australian doctor Barry Marshall, who discovered the bacterium responsible for most ulcers, has Eureka semisquare Venus (relating with others) and parallel Pluto (germs, transformation).

Industrial chemist Stephanie Kwolek (born July 31, 1923, in New Kensington, Pennsylvania), who developed Kevlar, has Eureka opposite Pallas (mental perception, the industrial arts).

Scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla, a Croatian immigrant to the US, had Eureka in the eleventh house, square Pallas and quincunx Jupiter (prosperity, faraway places).

Bill Wilson (born November 26, 1895, in East Dorset, Vermont), also known as "Bill W.," was the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous and developer of the twelve-step program. He realized that alcohol addiction and religious belief, far from being antitheses as many ministers and theologians of the early 20th century maintained, were actually closely related in that both were methods of transcending reality, and that substance abuse could be treated successfully by redirecting that urge away from alcohol and drugs and toward spirituality. Wilson had Eureka conjunct Venus and trine Neptune (spirituality, alcohol, drugs, addiction, escapism).

The aggressively growing, hardy cervical-cancer cells (known as HeLa cells) Henrietta Lacks (born August 18, 1920, in Clover, Virginia) are still used in biomedical research fifty years after her death on the segregated blacks-only ward of a Baltimore hospital. She had Eureka semisquare the Sun (to shine), sextile Neptune (obtained through sacrifice), quintile Vesta (dedication), square Pluto (legacies), quincunx the South Node (the path of least resistance) and opposite Chiron (medicine, a key, a door opened).

Watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski (born September 19, 1905, in Waco, Texas) had Eureka quincunx Jupiter (the law).

Kenneth Starr has Eureka in the seventh house of partisanship and adversarial relations, conjunct Mercury (speeches, writings, ideas) and sextile Chiron.

Generoso "Gene" Pope, Jr. (born January 13, 1927, in New York), founder of the National Enquirer, had Eureka sextile Mercury (the media) and Mars (falsehood, assertion) and quindecile Neptune (scandal, deception).

The glyph for Eureka is mine and was inspired by Archimedes' crown.

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