Asteroid 9499, Excalibur, was discovered on September 29, 1973 by C.J. Van Houten, Ingrid Van Houten-Groeneveld and Tom Gehrels at Palomar Observatory near Pauma Valley, California. Excalibur has a period of 5 years, 15 days.

It was named for the magic sword of the legendary King Arthur, who became King of Britain after he pulled it out of a stone when no one else was able to. When he died, he made one of his knights throw it into a lake; a hand came up from underneath the water, grabbed it, brandished it, and disappeared underneath the surface with it.

Astrologically, Excalibur seems to indicate a sense of mission, destiny or superiority, feeling that one is "chosen" or "the chosen," arrogance, "might makes right," racism.

George W. Bush has Excalibur in the third house, on the IC, sextile Venus (values of a certain kind, money), Elatus (well-expressed), and the South Node (past influences, path of least resistance), quintile Mercury (ideas, speech, writing), Pluto (corporations, rich people, ruthlessness, criminal behavior) and Pallas (politics, conceptualization), trine Pandora (having an impact, unintended consequences) and the North Node (connections), and opposite Heracles (to contend with) as well as the Midheaven (career, authority). Some of his followers say God put him in the White House, and there are even billboards calling him "Our Leader".

Dick Cheney, another wealthy Texas oilman who has refused public disclosure of meetings he attended to formulate national energy policy, has Excalibur in the third house also, though not on the IC, decile Neptune (oil, scandal), semisquare Ceres, sextile Juno (public persona) and the Ascendant (personal interests), and square Pluto (corporations, secretive, big money).

Leading George W. Bush Administration neocon Paul Wolfowitz, whose support of pre-emptive military action has been seen as a blueprint for US hegemony, has Excalibur conjunct Varuna (grown huge, inflated, judgmental), semisquare Mars (militarism), Uranus (radicalism) and Vesta (dedication), sextile Asbolus (bad advice), quintile Juno (human rights), square Mercury and Pholus (need to show respect), and biquintile Chiron (getting around something).

Adolf Hitler had Excalibur in the eighth house of legacies, undecimal Asbolus (counsel given, bad advice, awful things), decile Venus, Mars (aggression, militarism) and Ceres, trine Nessus (predation, white people, lust, greed, unpleasantness) and Damocles (crisis, danger, transgressive), quincunx Lilith (marginalized, despised, oppressed), quindecile the Moon (the public) and contraparallel the South Node.

Benito Mussolini had Excalibur in the seventh house, conjunct Saturn (work, rewards and consequences) and Ceres (to nurture, family life), semisquare Venus and Pallas (politics), sextile the Sun (to shine) and Mercury, square Pandora and Pholus, and quincunx Hidalgo (to promote, to assert).

Lyndon Johnson, whose personal crusade against communism in Vietnam, inherited from his assassinated predecessor John F. Kennedy, went horribly awry and destroyed him, had Excalibur in the tenth house, square Varuna, sesquiquadrate Uranus and Pallas, biquintile Juno, quincunx Ceres, and parallel Neptune (deceit, communism, idealism, scandal).

British poet Rudyard Kipling, author of "The White Man's Burden," had Excalibur in the sixth house, decile Jupiter (philosophy), sextile Pholus (need to show respect), square Damocles (politics, change, danger), trine Ceres (nurturance), and opposite Pallas.

Nathan Bedford Forrest, founder of the Ku Klux Klan, had Excalibur conjunct Juno (the rage of those who consider themselves disenfranchised), square Nessus (white people, predation) and opposite Venus (values).

White supremacist David Duke has Excalibur sextile Venus and square Lilith (something reluctantly dealt with, nonwhites).

Rwandan hate broadcaster Theoneste Bagosora (born August 16, 1941 in Gisenyi, Rwanda), a Hutu whose radio and TV broadcasts exhorted other Hutu to wipe out the Tutsis, has Excalibur decile Vesta, square Pluto (desire to annihilate, criminal behavior) and opposite Nessus (predatory).

Pat Robertson has Excalibur semisextile Neptune (dubiousness, spirituality, delusions, illusions), square the Nodes, and trine the Sun (to shine).

Tim LaHaye (born April 27, 1926, in Detroit), another fundamentalist Christian evangelist, who is probably best known at this time for his Left Behind series of novels about the Last Times and the Antichrist which purvey paranoid delusions about the UN and was made into a movie, has Excalibur trine Pluto (eschatalogy) and Pallas (conceptualization), sesquiquadrate Uranus (bizarre, radical), and quindecile Chiron.

Candy Lightner (born May 30, 1946 in Pasadena, California), a California mother who founded Mothers Against Drunk Driving to push for tougher penalties for DUI after the drunk driver who killed her daughter was given a lenient sentence, has Excalibur sextile Mars (anger, energy) and the South Node (past influences) and trine Don Quixote (taking on something) and the North Node (making connections).

Ralph Nader has devoted his life to consumer advocacy and in recent years has felt compelled to provide an alternative in presidential campaigns to the major US political parties (probably at the expense of the Democrats, who support his positions more than the Republicans). Nader has Excalibur in the third house, conjunct Asbolus (foolishness, something to say), septile Mercury and Pallas, trine Neptune (idealism, delusions) and parallel Chiron (lessons taught or learned, self-wounding).

Canadian anti-child-labor activist Craig Kielburger (born December 17, 1982 in Toronto), who took up the cause at age 13 after a Pakistani boy who also worked to abolish child labor was murdered for his efforts, has Excalibur conjunct Juno, trine Chiron (the maverick, lessons taught or learned) and parallel Uranus (to awake).

The glyph for Excalibur is mine.

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