Asteroid 42, Isis, was discovered May 23, 1856 by Norman R. Pogson at Oxford, England. It has a period of 3 years, 299 days and is slightly less than 75 miles in diameter.

It was named for the Egyptian goddess Isis, goddess of nature, of the dawn and of the moon, wife and sister of Osiris, god of the sun below the horizon, of the underworld, of immortality, and of the past and present, and judge of the dead. These two were among the foremost gods of the Egyptian pantheon, and the worship of Isis was very popular in the Roman Empire.

Asteroid Isis is probably also named for Norman Pogson's daughter, Elizabeth Isis Pogson, who was a member of Britain's Royal Astronomical Society.


After Osiris was torn to pieces by his brother Set, Isis put him back together and brought him back to life.

Astrologically, Isis can indicate to unify, reunify, recombine, reconstruct, reconcile, make peace, put together, or hold together, or attempt to do so; to synthesize, meld, or blend; "to put two and two together"; to be strong; females as strong, assertive or aggressive..

Astrologer Noel Tyl has Isis in the eighth house, conjunct Mercury (writings, thoughts, speaking), decile Pallas (conceptualization) and the Midheaven, and quincunx Don Quixote (to undertake something) and the Ascendant.

Elvis Presley, who met his wife Priscilla when she was just 14 and groomed her to be his wife, had Isis in the ninth house, on the cusp, trine Nessus (appetites, to take something), biquintile the Sun (to shine, the role of the husband), quincunx Mercury (the media) and contraparallel Venus (love, marriage, young girls) and the Ascendant.

Ray Charles, whose music is said to be a synthesis of gospel and secular music, had Isis undecimal Ceres (to nurture), decile Neptune (music), sextile the Sun (to shine), trine Hylonome (popular appeal), parallel Mars (energy), and contraparallel Saturn (work).

Mahatma Gandhi endeavored to make peace between India's squabbling castes and religions and tried unsuccessfully to prevent the partition of the Indian subcontinent. He had Isis sextile Ceres, square Mercury and quincunx Chaos (activism, groundbreaking effort, chaos).

Malcolm X abandoned anti-white racism and began to preach racial reconciliation after a religious epiphany experienced on a Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, and was assassinated by his former followers. He had Isis in the second house of values, conjunct Damocles (danger, politics, experience of groupthink, pushing the envelope, drastic change), sextile Juno (the dispossessed) and Nessus (psychological toxins), square Hidalgo (to assert, to promote, to defend) and Phaethon (veering out of control), and quincunx Elatus (eloquent expression) and Don Quixote.

Former German chancellor Helmut Kohl, who presided over the reunification of Germany following the fall of the Berlin Wall, has Isis decile Sun, quintile Vesta and square Damocles.

Nelson Mandela has Isis in the sixth house, decile Pluto (transformation), trine Hidalgo, and opposite Pallas (politics).

Rwandan president Paul Kagame, who is trying to hold his genocide-scarred country together and heal the wounds, has Isis sextile Ixion (inventiveness, lust for something), square Hylonome and Nessus, tredecile Saturn and opposite Cruithne (in touch with one's heritage).

Jimmy Carter has Isis in the first house, decile Mercury, square Don Quixote (to take on entrenched forces), trine Mars, and parallel the Ascendant.

Bill Clinton, another would-be peacemaker who found himself fighting to save his marriage and his political career after a sex sandal generated in large part by his political enemies, has Isis in the eleventh house of politics, sextile Jupiter (religion, law) and Uranus (activism), trine Elatus and Heracles (to strive with or for), and quincunx Pholus (foolish behavior, to insinuate oneself in), Chaos and Cruithne (to make one's mark, to be marked or branded).

Hillary Clinton, who chose to stick with her errant husband rather than bail out of the marriage, has Isis semisquare Juno (marriage), square Mars and Pluto, and tredecile Vesta (dedication).

Pioneering American female military pilot Jacqueline Cochran (born Bessie Lee Pittman on May 11, 1906 in Cantonment, Florida—the ghost town of Muscogee just to the west, actually) headed the WASPs (a corps of female military pilots performing noncombat flight duty) during World War II, and later served as a test pilot. She had Isis conjunct Varuna (growing huge, a judgment coming), trine Don Quixote, opposite Ixion (inventiveness, creating karma), and contraparallel the North Node (giving out, transcending past influences, making connections).

Jessica Lynch has Isis conjunct Saturn, semisextile Heracles, sextile Damocles, quintile Ceres, square Hylonome, and biquintile Uranus.

Trailblazing telejournalist Barbara Walters has Isis in the seventh house, on the Descendant, conjunct Uranus (broadcasting, breaking the mold), decile Chiron (the key, the door-opener, the maverick), sextile Phaethon (a phenomenon, in the driver's seat), biquintile Neptune (a vision) and the South Node, quindecile Mercury and Mars, and opposite Elatus.

Salvatore "Sully" Erna (born February 7, 1968, in Lawrence, Massachusetts), the vocalist for the heavy-metal band Godsmack, is a Wiccan; has Isis quincunx Juno (the dispossessed).

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