Asteroid 490, Veritas, was discovered on September 3, 1902 by Maximilian Wolf at Heidelberg, Germany. It has a period of 5 years, 233 days, and is slightly over 86 miles in diameter.

Veritas, Latin for "truth," is the name of the Roman goddess of truth, daughter of Kronos (Saturn) and the mother of Virtus (Virtue). The Greek philosopher Democritus used to say that Veritas hides herself at the bottom of a well, that she is very difficult to find.

Albert Einstein had Veritas in the eighth house of legacies, conjunct the North Node (connections, to transcend past influences, giving out), sextile Mercury and Saturn, and opposite the South Node.

Charles Darwin had Veritas in the ninth house of religion, philosophy, and long-distance travel, semisquare/sesquiquadrate the nodal axis (past influences and the ability to transcend them, taking in and giving out), quintile Saturn (work, rewards, consequences), opposite Jupiter and Juno (relating), and contraparallel Pallas (ideas, defense of civilized values). The son of a clergyman, he reportedly was chronically ill until he stopped publishing regarding his theory of evolution.

Ayn Rand, who spoke of the necessity of a rigid devotion to the truth, had Veritas quincunx the Sun (to shine) and quindecile Venus (values).

Watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski had Veritas semisquare Venus, quintile Mars (energy) and trine Jupiter (the law).

The glyph for Veritas is mine.

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