Manuel Acuña

"Come in!" ... In my room

where only shadows are seen,

There is a woman dying

in unbearable anguish ...

And at the head of her bed of sorrow

are two beautiful girls who are crying,

and they wring their hands

and they moan and sob.

And the unhappy one no longer sees

nor does she have breath in her mouth,

and when she speaks she just says this

in hollow and frightening tones:

"I'm hungry! I'm hungry!

For mercy, alms!"

and she is quiet ... And the girls moan ...

And she is quiet... And the wind blows ...

And she cries ... And nobody listens to her,

Nobody listens to the one who cries!

And do you hear it? - "Oh, my daughters

are finally to be alone ...

Alone ... And without a mother...

May I relieve you and help you ...

Alone ... And without a crust

of bread to bring to your mouth ...

Goodbye ... Goodbye ... I'm already dying ...

I'm not hungry anymore..."

And the miserable one was dying (alms!)

from anguish to anguish,

while the poor girls

almost crazy, almost crazy

they kissed her and cried

Wrapped in the shadows.

Afterward ... Trembling with cold

under their torn clothes,

they walked slowly

down the dark and lonely street,

exclaiming with sorrowful voice

in divided form;

... "I'm starving!"

and the other...

... "Alms!"

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