"Night Of Love"


Horacio Quiroga

Night of love. Under the shadow of accomplice:

The naive temptation. In the grove

The reason for life is sinning

Like a dream of precocious hysteria,

There are burning sweats on the skins:

Deaf germination in the arteries;

Protests in the untapped curves

And in your daring pupil, frank offers.

Ideality is dyed blushes

Like a pale lily, of shame:

In open and stained beds

The passion is spread. Night arches

His great complicity on the lack;

The lily of your sex breaks down,

And it signals your trembling flesh

The fatal index of my clumsiness.

Oh the thirst of my lips, whose kisses

Recharge the intention that surrounds us!

Oh the carmine of your lips, whose pride

It pales to the glow of your hips!

Give me your body. My macho forgiveness

Will watch the extinction of your purity,

Like a powerful and thoughtful faun

On the collapse of a Greek statue.

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