“You Will See” (“Ya verás”)


Manuel Acuña


Enjoy it, enjoy it, pure girl,

While you are in childhood;

Enjoy, enjoy that venture

That lasts like a rose does.

What, it doesn’t last that long?

You will see, funny girl,

you will see.


Today is a smiling garden

On the path where you are going;

But tomorrow, my lady,

You will see thorns in it.

What, your flowers are just a dream?

I dream nothing more, my lovely,

You will see.


Today carmine and cochineal

Color your pretty face;

But you'll see tomorrow

That they’ll run with your crying ...

What? Do your tears erase them when it flows?

You'll see how it erases them,

you will see.


And my tender Elmira enjoys,

While enjoying peace;

Delirious, girl, delirious

With a love that does not exist

Well, what, is love a lie?

And a very sad lie indeed;

You will see.


Today you see happiness ahead of you

And you see happiness behind you;

But that bright star

Lives and lasts like the wind does.

What? No more hardship for just a moment?

Yes, for just a moment;

you will see.


And so, do not cry, my charming one,

You will certainly cry later;

You’ll see that regret is so great,

That even the crying doesn’t last.


Is not crying eternal also?

Not that, girl, not that either;

you will see!


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